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Portable, wireless DR for in-field use.

The 10” x 12″ CareRay wireless cassette-sized detector powered by ExamVue is ideal for use as a portable unit in mobile and  field applications. Lightweight, slim design with a rubber insulated frame and high strength aluminum-alloy case ensure safe and convenient operation and moves. Cases and weight bearing covers are available for added protection. F2AED® eliminates wiring to the generator.
Dual-band wireless acquisition and transfer of a full resolution image in ~4 seconds. Extra-long battery life. Standard Gigabit Ethernet port for optional wired operation.

At only 5lbs, this 10×12 is ideal for holding in a hand or positioning behind a patient. With a built in wireless, it can be connected directly to a laptop to minimize components for mobile applications or used with a router for enhanced range and speed of acquisition. With a CSI screen, the CareRay 10×12 provide clear images at lower exposures than competitor panels relying on Gadolinium Oxide screens.

Scintillato Cesium-Iodide (Csl)
Active Area 9.6” x 12” (307.2 x 244.32mm)
Pixel Array 2560 x 2048 | Pixel Pitch: 120 micron (Nyquist Resolution 4.16 lp/mm) | Grayscale: 16 bits
Dimensions 13.1” x 11.1” x .59” (333 x 282 x 15mm), Weight: 5 lbs. (2.3kg)
• AED – Automatic Exposure Detection – Eliminates wiring to generator
• Rubber insulated frame, high strength aluminum alloy back, carbon fiber front
Power Supply (100-240 V AC), Battery
Communication Interface Gigabit Ethernet 2.4/5GHz, 300Mbps,
Standard Gigabit Ethernet port for optional wired operation and battery charging

HOST PC Workstation (Specifications subject to change without notice)
– Intel Pentium G3250 (Dual Core 3.2GHz 3MB w/HD Graphics)
– Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit
– 8GB Ram, 1600MHz
– 1TB RAID 1 Hard Drive
– 21.5″ Monitor
21.5 MONITOR Full HD Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, 2MP
Keyboard and Mouse


  • ExamVue DR is a software for the acquisition, processing,
    storage and viewing of digital x-ray images.
  • ExamVue DR is indicated for use in general radiology,
    specialist radiology including podiatry, orthopedic, and other
    specialties, and in mobile x-ray applications.
  • ExamVue DR is not indicated for use in mammography.
  • ExamVue is a very intuitive interface for the user.
    Very easy to learn!
  • ExamVue includes a large pallet of software functions that are offerred for an additional fee by others or are not available from them at all! ( ie: DICOM Modality Worklist, DICOM Print, Reject, CD-DVD Burn, Image Stitching, Procedure Code Mapping, etc..)
  • ExamVue provides added value for our customers in regards to both functionality and price!

ExamVue DR Acquisition Console Software

  • Patient Registration: Manually or (DMWL)
    DICOM Modality

    Worklist. DICOM Modality Worklist is a standard
    feature and is available for use provided that the
    HIS/RIS accommodates Modality Worklist.
  • Processing Parameter Settings:
    Pediatric,Small, Medium,Large Adult, Edge Enhancement, Histogram, Contrast, Latitude
  • Image Acquisition & Review QC:
    flip (horizontal/vertical), rotate (clockwise/counter-clockwise), zoom, pan, window/level, magnifying glass, crop, annotations line measurement, angle measurement, free text, arrow, L&R Markers, Cobb’s Angle Measurement, Norberg Angle Measurement
  • Allows for secondary/dual monitor display:
    • Emergency Mode:
  • Allows exam to be conducted while no patient data available.
  • Image Preview
  • DICOM Send to PACS, Auto-PACS Send
  • DICOM Print to DICOM Printer
  • DICOM Storage Commitment
  • Hard disk capacity notification bar
  • Export imagesformatted as .jpg, .png, .bmp, and DICOM (with or without Viewer) to CD or other media
  • Export/Back-up to DVD/Removable Drive
  • Procedure Code Matching-Matches body part and projection items with RIS/HIS code
  • Database– Shows list of stored images after acquisition
  • Compare two images side-by-side
  • Delete Image
  • Repeat- Reject function with operator statistics
  • Grid Line Removal
  • Stitching Software
  • AED Mode: Automatic Exposure Detection: The detector detects actual amount of x-rays without any connection to the X-ray generator, and then performs image acquiring according to image acquisition time and transmits the image data -No signal used (no need to connect to generator interface cable)
  • Exposure Index

With an average weight of approximately 7 lbs, some mobile DR panels can be difficult to transport from place to place. When evaluating capital equipment, longevity of the product is paramount. The Mobile DRP Holder allows the radiographer to easily carry the DR panel during examinations reducing the risk of accidentally dropping the panel. An economical insurance policy for your expensive mobile DR panel is lightweight and easy to use.

When converting to DR add a little protection and a lot of peace of mind with a Mobile DR Panel Holder. Featuring a handle, curved corners and a positive lock, this item offers additional drop protection and allows the radiographer to easily carry the panel from room to room.

Product Advantages

  • Sturdy construction
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Curved corners
  • Cutout for tether
  • Positive lock
  • Smooth non-porous surface
  • Available with grid or without

The 9020 high frequency portable generator is a light weight generator for easy portability.

  • Ultra light weight-13 lbs.
  • 40-90kV step /20mA , 18mA, 16mA
  • 1.60 kW Max Output
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Dual laser pointers (26″) & measuring tape
  • Built in collimator
  • Reversible digital display of kV & mAs
  • Soft touch user panel
  • Overload protection for kV,mA time and temp.
  • Electronic voltage compensation
  • Self manageable APR functions with 5 memory keys
  • Foam grips on each side of hande for easy handling
  • Laser pointers and collimator light activate with a touch of the exposure switch
  • Carrying case for easy transport
  • Ideal for equine applications
Max. Output
High Frequency Inverter type
Kv rating 40~90kV, 1kV incremen
mA Rating max. 20mA
mAs rating 0.4 ~ 32 mAs, 93steps at each kV step
Exposure time
Cool down period 2 min at maximum output
Total filtration
min. 2.55 mm Al eq.
X-ray tube focal sport size 1.22mm, target angle: 19 degrees
Anode heat storage capacity 10kJ
Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions ( W x D x H)
      5.6 x 11.6 x 6.1 (in)
144 x 295  x 157, (mm)
excluding hand grip

The Examvue PACS from JPI Healthcare Solutions offers a complete workflow solution for your practice needs at an affordable price. With multiviewing licenses the Examvue networking allows your digital images to be displayed and viewed in your exam rooms and non-patient areas that are equipped with PC’s immediately after they have been scanned.

With 5 viewing licenses the Examvue networking allows your digital images to be displayed and viewed in your exam rooms and non-patient areas that are equipped with PC’s immediately after they have been scanned.

  • Key DICOM Services, Including: DICOM Receive, Storage Commit and Modality Worklist
  • DICOM Send
  • View DICOM Header Information
  • DICOM CD/DVD Import and Archival
  • DICOM CD/DVD Burn Functionality
  • Lossless Image Compression
  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • Dual Monitor Friendly
  • Easy to Filter, Search and Sort Modality Worklist
  • User Customizable Filters
  • Ability to Edit Patient/Study Information
  • Multiple Image Viewing
  • Full Set of Editable Measurements & Annotation Tools
  • Cross Reference Lines
  • Worklist Search

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