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The World's First Monolithic Full-Spine DR Panel




Experience the full benefits of digital imaging with the continuous full-spine flat panel DR detector. Longtail DR brings a new level of efficiency, diagnostic confidence, and precision. A single exposure simplifies workflow, reduces patient hold times, and lessens motion and re-positioning.

With the Longtail detector, you can say goodbye to:


  • Plate overlaps
  • Image stitching 
  • Multiple shots
  • Waiting for long CR scans


Other products fall short of adequately delivering a solution. These other products are characterized by excessive dose, multiple exposures, image stitching, complex mechanical systems, and software image adjustments. 


Longtail DR features:


  • Monolithic Amorphous Silicon (MAS) technology
  • An active image area more than 3 feet long (42" L x 17" W)
  • A 17" width to get complete images of the shoulder and pelvis on large patients
  • High geometric accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless

Whether put on a wall-mount or cart, attached to gurney in a trauma setting, or under-table where other long-length detectors cannot fit, applications for Longtail DR are plentiful. Longtail will play a vital role in diagnostic confidence and workflow efficiency in a number of environments, including:


  • Orthopedics
  • Emergency medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Hospitals
  • Imaging centers

The Longtail DR detector comes with custom designed mounting and positioning solutions by Reina Imaging that easily allow for upright or supine x-rays in a simple, small and reliable format.



Contact your account manager to find out what configuration is the best for you and your practice.

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