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Toshiba Flat Panel Detectors

Excellent Sensitivity and Resolution

Excellent Image Quality

Excellent Reliability

• Toshiba’s advanced and proven fine structured CsI:Tl and direct vapor
deposition technology deliver higher sensitivity and resolution.
• Reflection coating on CsI:Tl screen enables excellent Detective Quantum
Efficiency (DQE) and high Modulation Transfer Function (MTF).
• Lower radiation dose beneficial to patients as a result of excellent image
quality. The Toshiba DR offers a new level of functionality and reliability
for system manufacturers.

• Achieves a raw image with low-noise through the use of Toshiba’ s own circuit
• Driver software (attached to the product) provides excellent, clear raw
images, adopting ghost image correction , offset correction, gain correction
and defect corrections.

• Excellent durability by using CsI:Tl screen direct vapor deposition method.
• The structure is highly reliable and protected from degradation due to the use
of a unique moisture-proof sealing method for the CsI:Tl screen.

Excellent Sensitivity & Resolution – 3.7 lp/mm
Excellent Image Quality –Low Dose Cesium , 140 micron pixel pitch
Excellent Reliability – AED, Two Year Manufacturer Warranty

• High MTF
• High Sensitivity
• High Contrast
• Short Cycle Time
• This product is a FLAT PANEL DETECTOR designed for medical radiographic
diagnosis. Featuring excellent image quality by implementing an in-house
produced Cesium Iodide (CsI) X-ray scintillator. It has a large effective size area,
which is suitable for all radiographic procedures (Note: Not for Mammography or
Cardiac Imaging).
• High Resolution and High DQE CsI Phosphor Screen –
• TETD (Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co.) has long experience in the
development and manufacturing of fine and thick pillar structure CsI (Cesium
Iodide) phosphor screens with high resolution and high sensitivity.

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