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Vita Flex

The Vita Flex CR is the flexible, convenient solution for clinics looking to go digital for the first time or expand their existing digital solutions for emergency or mobile x-rays without the expense of a wireless panel. Manufactured by CareStream, the Vita Flex comes with the CareStream Image Suite software and optional miniPACS with web viewers to meet the needs of your clinic.

  • Single Cassette Reader.
  • Table-top design – Light Weight – 55lbs..
  • Throughput: 45 (14×17), 53 (10×12), 59 (8×10) Plates per Hour.
  • Compact footprint – Can be positioned for horizontal or vertical feeds.
  • High Resolution Mode – 86 Pixels per mm resolution.
  • Standard Resolution Mode – 160 Pixels per mm resolution.
Carestream VitaFlex CR reader • Single Cassette Reader
• Throughput: 45 (35×43 cm.) Plates per Hour, 53 (10×12), 59 (8×10)
• Table-top design – Light Weight – 55lbs.
• Compact footprint – Can be positioned for horizontal or vertical feeds
• High Resolution Mode – 86 Pixels per mm resolution
• Standard Resolution Mode – 160 Pixels per mm resolution
HOST PC Workstation(Specifications subject to change without notice)
– Intel Pentium G3250 (Dual Core 3.2GHz 3MB w/HD Graphics)
– Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit
– 4GB Ram, 1600MHz
• Two hard disks (2 TB) – 1TB x 2 Level 1 RAID
• DVD writer
(Software Database allows for storage of 2,000 images)
21.5 MONITOR • Full HD Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, 2MP
• Keyboard and Mouse
(3 Year Limited Hardware Warranty on PC and Monitor)
CARESTREAM Image Suite is designed to meet the needs of the private practice / small clinic radiographic market. Target customers are private practice, 1-3 Physician offices, Orthopedic, Chiropractic, Mobile, Veterinary, Podiatry, Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine.

Image Suite provides the capability for:

  • Patient registration
  • Image acquisition (from Vita Flex CR Reader)
  • Image processing
  • Image viewing/annotating
  • Image printing

Patient RegistrationWeb Appointment Software / Single instance

  • Registration on the host PC
  • Remote web based registration

DICOM Modality Work List

• Allows patient information to be obtained directly from the HIS/RIS, eliminating the need for the radiographer to enter this information at the CR.

Image Acquisition

  • Vita Flex CR Reader

EV-A Image Processing

  • Enhanced Visualization-Automatic Image Processing
  • EVP + Image processing can operate totally in automatic mode independent of body part or view identification

Images in “for process” state at host PC

• Image Adjustments made at host PC are done using image processing slider bar adjustments on the full bit depth data

DirectView CR Image Suite Long-Length Software License

Low Exposure Optimization Software

  • Reduces the appearance of Quantum Noise in areas of low exposure

Grid Detection and Suppression Software

  • Automatically detects and suppresses gridline artifacts
  • Improves image quality for portables and fixed grid systems
  • Enable and disable this function with an easy-to-use checkmark function on the CR screen.

Positioning Guide – With sample reference images to provide positioning guidance

Black Surround Masking Software

  • Eliminates monitor glare for better viewing
  • Automatically masks the white collimated areas to let you focus on the image
  • Software provides a method to manually adjust the black surround mask to any area of interest.

Patient CD/DVD Software

  • CD/DVD burning with Carestream DICOM Viewer
  • Images will be written in both .jpg and DICOM format.
  • IHE Portable Media compliance assumes DICOM interoperability

Reject Analysis Feature

• Track issues with exams for additional training and improved workflow

Full Screen Display Mode

  • Maximizes the visibility of the image by allowing full screen viewing.

Add Patient picture to demographic screen.

• Allows for quick and easy confirmation of the correct patient.

Advanced Measurement Tools

The following tools are included as part of the new Advanced Measurement Tools option and are available at both the Workstation and the Web Viewer.

  • Measurement from Horizontal Line – measures misalignment of hips.
  • Cervical Curve – measures the curve of the C-spine.
  • George’s Line – measures the distance between the vertebral bodies.
  • Gonstead Measurement – measures the alignment of the Pelvic region.
  • Line Extension – measures the distance between two points and extends the line on each side.
  • Lumbar Curve – measures the curve of the L-spine.
  • Vertical Axis – applies a vertical line(s) on the image.
  • Measurement from Vertical Line – measures the distance between two vertical lines.
  • Goniometry Measurement Tool
  • Coxometry Measurement Tool
    • Offset Cobb Angle
    • Extended Cobb Angle
    • Mark Spot
    • Line Ratio
    • Vertical Deflection
    • Horizontal Deflection
    • Absolute Rotation Angle
    • Vertebral Compression
    • Center Mass with Atlas Plane
    • Logan Basic Marking

      IEC Exposure Index – Vendor neutral exposure index value
      Export JPEG images to media (CD/DVD)
     Export DICOM part 10 images to CD/DVD
    Windows printing to paper printers
    TWAIN connection to Document Scanners

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