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Mobile Hybrid CBCT (3-in-1, RAD/FLO/CT)


Flexibility and efficiency do not have to come at the cost of performance compromise. Introducing DeteCT, the first 3-in-1 mobile hybrid CBCT with ultra-low-dose digital radiography, advanced fluoroscopy, and CT capabilities.


Innovative. Cutting-edge. User-friendly.

Premium Acquisition Software

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Advance your radiology practice with ExamVue Duo – the cutting-edge acquisition software that takes your analysis, interpretation, and diagnosis to the next level.


Advanced Mobile Cloud Solutions

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Mobile digital radiography processing, measurement, communication and storage solution. Digital x-ray images anytime, anywhere.


Accuracy. Performance. Stability.

Assembled in America - ExamVue Duo Flat Panel Detectors

ExamVue Duo

Premium Flat Panel Detectors

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Get crystal-clear image quality, faster image acquisition, effortless workflow management, and low dose for your patients with ExamVue Duo premium flat panel detectors and intuitive ExamVue Duo acquisition software.

Unrivaled Warranty Program

  • Up to 5 years of hardware warranty
  • Up to 5 years of drop coverage program
  • Up to 5 years of remote software support


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Empowering Imaging Dealers to Overcome Challenges

The medical sector relies on imaging vendors for essential equipment and services. However, the industry faces challenges due to the pandemic, inflation, and international conflicts. In this blog, we’ll discuss obstacles vendors face, such as technical support, logistics, and marketing strategies. Drawing on 40 years of experience, we’ll propose solutions.