JPI Healthcare Solutions introducing the StriXion Tomosynthesis System at FIME 2023

At JPI Healthcare Solution, we are proud to announce our participation as an exhibitor at the highly anticipated Florida International Medical Expo (FIME), taking place on June 21-23, 2023, in Miami Beach, FL. At this premier event, we will release our latest medical imaging innovation, the StriXion, alongside a comprehensive range of advanced solutions. This blog post provides an overview of our participation, highlighting the revolutionary features of the StriXion and showcasing our other cutting-edge products.

Introducing the StriXion:

As the centerpiece of our exhibition at FIME. 2023, the StriXion represents a groundbreaking advancement in medical imaging technology. This unique multi-modality machine combines standing and tabletop Tomography, Fluoroscopy, and X-ray capabilities into one high-throughput and compact system. With the StriXion, healthcare professionals can now perform 3D Tomography and Fluoroscopic exams quickly and conveniently, revolutionizing the way these procedures are carried out. By offering a single exam that combines 3D imaging, motion studies, and high-quality X-rays, the StriXion enables maximum efficiency in orthopedic, cardiology, and pulmonary exams. Click here to contact us and learn more about the StriXion.

StriXion Tomosynthesis

Our Range of Innovative Solutions:

At JPI Healthcare Solutions, we offer a comprehensive lineup of cutting-edge medical imaging solutions. These include:


  1. DRE Full X-ray System: An advanced digital X-ray system designed for enhanced imaging capabilities and efficient workflow. Using state-of-the-art flat panel detectors technology, the DRE enables radiologists to fully leverage the advantages offered by high-end hospital settings even with limited financial resources. 
DRE Full X-ray System
  1. 3-in-1 DeteCT Mobile Hybrid CBCT (Rad/Flo/CT): A versatile mobile system combining Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), Radiography (Rad), and Fluoroscopy (Flo) functionalities, providing complete imaging capabilities. Did you know that the DeteCT was awarded with the iF Design Award 2023? Learn more here.

3-in-1 DeteCT Mobile Hybrid CBCT (Rad/Flo/CT)

3. ExamVuo Duo Flat Panel Detectors: The EV Duo flat panel detectors are meticulously designed to provide outstanding image quality while optimizing workflow efficiency. Available in 14″x17″ Wireless and 17″x17″ Tethered sizes, these detectors are an excellent choice for medical retrofit solutions. Additionally, we are excited to share that our systems are now assembled in America, making a positive contribution to our country’s economy.

ExamVuo Duo Flat Panel Detectors

4. TruePortable Portable X-ray System: The TruePortable is a compact and safe X-ray solution designed for mobile clinics or limited-space facilities, making on-the-go imaging a breeze. It features a powerful yet safe X-ray generator, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go imaging. Whether you need to reach a patient located three stories upstairs or rely on a compact car for transportation, the TruePortable is highly foldable and resistant, ensuring convenience and durability in any situation. Do you want to see a TruePortable in action? Book a demo!

  1. CarbonCase and Protect-A-Grid panel protection: Protect your flat panel detectors and X-ray grids with our durable cases . CarbonCase and Protect-A-Grid have an ergonomic design, easy panel application and removal, and additional drop protection. Compatible with wireless and tethered DR panels, it keeps your valuable equipment safe and secure.

6. ExamVue Duo Acquisition Software:  JPI’s ExamVue Duo acquisition software enables healthcare professionals to produce high-quality images, streamline workflow, and enhance patient safety.

ExamVue Duo Acquisition Software

Strategic Partnership: 

Our team at JPI Healthcare Solutions takes pride in providing exceptional customer support and ensuring the success of our strategic partners. With over 40 years of experience, we offer an exclusive strategic partnership program, backed by outstanding technical support, unrivaled warranty and co-marketing programs.

Contact Us Today:

During FIME 2023, we invite you to visit our booth, P54-P56, to get your exclusive hands-on experience with JPI’s premium medical imaging solutions. Our knowledgeable representatives will be showcasing the StriXion and other turnkey solutions, alongside live demonstrations. 

To schedule a meeting with our Regional Sales Manager for LATAM, John Sanchez, please feel free to reach out to him directly. You can contact John Sanchez at (516) 513-1330 Ext. 103 or We look forward to connecting with you and discussing how our solutions can meet your specific needs.