About JPI Healthcare Solutions

Our Story

JPI Healthcare Solutions is more than an X-ray component and equipment company; we are your imaging solutions provider. Since 1994, we have and continue to contribute to the improvement of the quality of healthcare. JPI is dedicated to developing new technologies that improve the ever-changing field of Radiology. We work closely with X-ray equipment manufacturers to enhance image quality, ensuring early intervention through proper diagnosis. JPI’s core competency is our ever-diligent R&D team and commitment to manufacturing superior products and components. We are confident in both our conventional as well as digital x-ray product line. JPI Healthcare Solutions, currently owns the majority of US and South America grid markets. We also currently provide our partners best in class digital imaging solutions. Our imaging software is designed for ease of use, while providing high level of image quality. In addition, all of the JPI flat panel solitons are CSI technology, which enables our customers to reduce dose substantially.

Our U.S. office was established in 1994 as JPI America Inc, a subsidiary of Jungwon Precision Industries, to support and distribute x-ray equipment and components throughout the North and South American markets. Since our inception, we have developed strategic partnerships with OEMs and Distributors, who are an intricate component to our distribution network. Over the years, we have added numerous products to our unique portfolio based on market demand. In 2010, JPI America changed its corporate name to JPI Healthcare Solutions to match the increasing range and variety of our product portfolio. JPI Healthcare Solutions continues to introduce new healthcare products which improve medical diagnosis and treatment. We at JPI Healthcare Solutions have always aimed to be the most reliable partner for healthcare imaging solution providers.

Our Why

JPI is your partner in success.

At JPI, we believe in working with our partners to help them succeed. In everything we do, we exist to support our strategic partners in becoming successful and achieving their goals. We do this by anticipating market needs, providing world-class products and services, and exceptional support to back it up. Our partner-focused approach has taught us that we must work together to be truly successful.

Instead of chasing low-hanging fruit or casting a wide net to capture all of the business we can, we choose to align with a select number of partners. We challenge the status quo by working with strategic partners who also strive to achieve a greater level of success. We believe that open-minded partners enable us to develop unique products that separate us from the race-to-the-bottom pricing game. So, not only do we think outside of the box, but we also provide out-of-the-box solutions to help our partners succeed.