Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many customers and dealers out there may not be too familiar with JPI so we’ve put together this accessible introduction to our brand.

What does JPI do?

JPI is a distributor and manufacturer of imaging equipment. As a distributor, we sell digital x-ray and ultrasound equipment and supplies worldwide. As a manufacturer, our main product is the anti-scatter grids used in every medical x-ray facility (including veterinary). This the area of the of the worldwide market where JPI is the leader.

When was JPI founded?

JPI is comprised of three tightly-cooperating companies. JPI Healthcare started as JoungWon Precision Industries in Korea in 1980. In 1994, JPI America was created in New York City and, later, restructured into JPI Healthcare Solutions in early 2010. Later that year, JPI Japan, the newest company in the JPI family, was established.

What can JPI do for me?

If you are a medical doctor or veterinarian in the United States, JPI can provide you with digital x-ray products. Additionally, since JPI sells our ExamVue line of digital radiography equipment through our dealer network, JPI is a uniquely qualified provider of imaging solutions. Our ExamVue line includes detectors appropriate for everyone from a newly graduated veterinarian to an established orthopedic surgeon, and from a newly-opened urgent care facility to the busiest well-known imaging centers. All are tied together with our ExamVue software, which was developed in-house by JPI.

What are ExamVue Detectors?

JPI has partnered with two leading detector manufacturers to provide imaging solutions for the full range of digital x-ray. For flat panel detectors, we are partnered with CareRay, who provides the extremely high-quality image and low dose Cesium panels we install for all of our retrofit systems. No matter the current setup in your office today, if you have an x-ray we can provide the flat panel detector to have you up and ready to take x-rays with little to no disruption with the exception of a new computer.

We are also partnered with Teleoptics, who manufacture the best CCD detector on the market today. While too large to easily retrofit into most existing facilities, these high-resolution detectors are ideal for veterinary practices with use of our DirectVet line of tables and 110V powered generators.

How do I know what solution is best for my practice?

You can check out our product offerings by visiting our Solutions page. There you can select the kind of practice you have, and learn more about the products we have available for you. Please also feel free to visit our Contact page to get in touch with us.

What if I’m looking for something besides digital x-ray?

JPI Healthcare Solutions sells through a dealer network spanning the United States, Canada, and worldwide. If we don’t have what you’re specifically looking for, it’s likely we can put you in touch with a dealer who does. Contact us