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Leading digital imaging systems

“We did not stop at becoming the best providers of x-ray grids worldwide…we took the next step and now provide leading software and digital imaging systems all around the globe”. Abe Elgohary, CEO at JPI Healthcare Solutions. JPI’s core competency is our ever-diligent R&D team and commitment to manufacturing superior products and components that have allowed […]

Leading provider of x-ray grids worldwide

“Our goal was rather simple, to deliver crystal clear x-ray images with our x-ray grids. We worked tirelessly to improve ourselves until we became global leaders in x-ray grids and x-ray imaging solutions and have remained being so for over 40 years” Abe Elgohary, CEO of JPI Healthcare Solutions. History JPI Healthcare Solutions, the worldwide […]

Are all digital x-ray acquisition software equal?

Medical imaging is one of the fastest-growing areas in healthcare. Any software that can ‘analyze’ data that is obtained from medical images is referred to as medical image analysis software. Medical imaging software with advanced algorithms can facilitate image acquisition, lesion detection, and interpretation. Radiography software can support and ensure a smooth systematic radiological workflow […]

Don’t miss out on great PROFITS to be made at RSNA 2022

Do you know that most business relationships and future partnerships between buyers and sellers in the radiology B2B industry are established at RSNA? Last year RSNA reported a total of almost 23,000 registrants onsite at its RSNA 2021 show. Trade shows provide a one-stop shop to keep up with industry trends and develop new contacts. […]

What is DICOM Compatibility?

What is DICOM Compatibility? DICOM stands for Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine. Developed by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) in 1993, it is the international standard for medical image transmission and storage. DICOM is the universal language of medical imaging and, as such, it is required by […]

Back to Basics | X-Ray Grids

Back to Basics | X-Ray Grids What is a Grid? A grid, fully named an “X-Ray Antiscatter Grid,” is comprised of alternating lines of lead and another, much more X-ray transparent material, that is put directly in front of the detector or film. The purpose of them is to remove x-rays that have scattered and […]

JPI Announces Digital Upgrade in New York

JPI Announces Completion of Digital Upgrade in New York We are pleased to announce the completion of an upgrade to digital X-ray at a medical clinic located in Hollis, NY. For more information regarding the hardware and software solutions we offer for digital X-ray and other modalities, please visit jpihealthcare.com, email sales@jpihealthcare.com, or feel free […]

JPI Podiatry Packages

JPI Podiatry Packages We are excited to announce JPI’s new podiatry X-ray packages, including X-Cel Orthoposer and 1 year of JPI Cloud PACS.   In an effort to help our valued dealer network be more competitive in the podiatry space, we’re offering special packages showcasing our 10″ x 12″ CsI flat panel detector and tilt-head […]

JPI Breaks Ground in Paraguay with Veterinary Installation

Test from James – Incorporates Will and Abe’s feedback Contact Us JPI Breaks Ground in Paraguay with Veterinary Installation JPI Healthcare Solutions is pleased to announce our first digital X-ray installation in Paraguay. This very happy veterinary customers purchased an ExamVue DRc flat panel detector powered by ExamVue DR acquisition software and protected by our […]

JPI Regional Partner Completes Orthopedic Installation in New York

JPI Regional Partner Completes Orthopedic Installation in New York Good Afternoon! We are pleased to announce the completion of another digital upgrade in the United States. This particular upgrade to digital X-ray took one of our regional partners to an orthopedic clinic located on Long Island, NY. The site was previously utilizing CR technology and […]