Grid 2100 (Mammography Grid)

JPI grids contain the purest lead to ensure superior efficiency in removing scattered radiation.



A Carbon-Interspaced and Carbon-fiber covered grid which is optimal for a digital mammography unit. Using the same cutting process as semi-conductor manufacturers, the JPI Grid-2100 can be controlled to micrometer precision, which eliminates the effects of non-uniform densities such as Moire phenomenon.

Materials Carbon-Interspaced with Carbon-Fiber Cover
Dimensions 110V~220V, 1 Phase, 50/60Hz
Densities 50 LPC-100LPC
Exposure Time 0.02~2.0
Focal spot 1.2mm

    • Increased Transmission – Improved by 9%.
    • Lower dosage – Bucky Factor Reduced by 24%.
    • Higher Sharpness of image – Selectivity Improved by 12%.

  • The test followed the clause #4, the measurement and determination of physical characteristics, of the IEC 627 Standard. (100kvp, 200mA).
  • Test measurements are controlled under Gauge R&R, the key requirement of the Six Sigma.
  • The test results can be slightly different due to test specimen and test conditions.