Noise and Your X-ray Image Quality


Your goal as a radiographer is to make sure that you give the most accurate diagnoses possible. One thing that can impact X-ray image quality that you may not even be thinking about is the presence of noise. X-rays have inherent noise, but outside interference can make this more difficult to understand. With [...]

Noise and Your X-ray Image Quality2022-09-19T17:20:53+00:00

Adapting to New Medical Imaging Trends


Medical imaging is a constantly evolving field, which should be considered a good thing for most professionals. The ability to improve the quality of images is essential for medical treatment and diagnosis, which is at the forefront due to recent events. However, taking the pandemic out of the conversation, what other trends are [...]

Adapting to New Medical Imaging Trends2022-09-19T17:21:04+00:00
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