Leading provider of x-ray grids worldwide

“Our goal was rather simple, to deliver crystal clear x-ray images with our x-ray grids. We worked tirelessly to improve ourselves until we became global leaders in x-ray grids and x-ray imaging solutions and have remained being so for over 40 years” Abe Elgohary, CEO of JPI Healthcare Solutions. History JPI Healthcare Solutions, the worldwide […]

Are all digital x-ray acquisition software equal?

Medical imaging is one of the fastest-growing areas in healthcare. Any software that can ‘analyze’ data that is obtained from medical images is referred to as medical image analysis software. Medical imaging software with advanced algorithms can facilitate image acquisition, lesion detection, and interpretation. Radiography software can support and ensure a smooth systematic radiological workflow […]

JPI Healthcare Solutions Wants You…As a Strategic Dealer Partner

Do you find it frustrating when your vendor sells direct? How does this impact a vendor-partner relationship? Does this ever force you to want to explore a more trustworthy partner? What would be the positive impact of finding a true partner that is there to help your team be more successful? JPI Healthcare Solutions is […]