Loads of Value Packed into DynaVue and DirectVet Systems


Loads of Value Packed into DynaVue and DirectVet Systems DynaVue is JPI's 2-in-1 Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy solution for veterinary interventional radiology examination. This new system from JPI makes available advanced technology typically associated with the largest practices and busiest emergency vet clinics around the world in a space-saving total imaging solution.   Some [...]

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Let’s Not Forget About DirectVet


We’ve had dozens of veterinarians taking advantage of the great opportunity that exists with JPI’s DirectVet system. DirectVet continues to be a very cost-effective digital X-ray choice for veterinarians. Whether you’re a seasoned vet in business for several years and have a bustling practice or a newer vet starting off on our own, [...]

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Key Digital Radiography (DR) Accessories


Digital radiography often represents a major transformation for a medical practice, imaging center, or any other setting. Generally, there’s more efficiency during the imaging process as well as less time spent on organization outside of it. However, it’s important to understand that digital radiography isn’t a case of one magical piece of equipment [...]

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iQ-4CLOUD vs. PACS: A Cost Comparison


iQ-4CLOUD PACS is an easily configurable, highly scalable picture archiving and communication system. It is installed in more than 10,000 facilities ranging from small, individual, imaging centers to large multi-modality, multi-site hospital installations across 118 countries. It is full-featured, state-of-the-art, robust and reliable, and available in most major world languages. The system is [...]

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Dedicated Workstation Software for ExamVue MRS


Software dedicated to ExamVue MRS (Mammography Retrofit Solution) for mammography applications, offers radiologists a set of tools to streamline review of digital mammography images. Dedicated workstation software for the ExamVue MRS has a wide range of options for viewing, analyzing, transferring, and archiving digital images. The software is extremely versatile and can support [...]

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ExamVue MRS Gaining Traction in South America


Some members of the JPI Healthcare Solutions team are currently in South America spreading the word about the newly-available ExamVue MRS, JPI's Mammography Retrofit Solution. As part of these efforts, the team has been meeting with prospective customers as well as conducting product demonstrations. Thus far, JPI has conducted two successful mammography retrofit [...]

ExamVue MRS Gaining Traction in South America2022-09-02T19:41:50+00:00
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