Empowering Imaging Dealers to Overcome Challenges

The medical sector relies on imaging vendors for essential equipment and services. However, the industry faces challenges due to the pandemic, inflation, and international conflicts. In this blog, we’ll discuss obstacles vendors face, such as technical support, logistics, and marketing strategies. Drawing on 40 years of experience, we’ll propose solutions.

Are all digital x-ray acquisition software equal?

Medical imaging is one of the fastest-growing areas in healthcare. Any software that can ‘analyze’ data that is obtained from medical images is referred to as medical image analysis software. Medical imaging software with advanced algorithms can facilitate image acquisition, lesion detection, and interpretation. Radiography software can support and ensure a smooth systematic radiological workflow […]

What is DICOM Compatibility?

What is DICOM Compatibility? DICOM stands for Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine. Developed by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) in 1993, it is the international standard for medical image transmission and storage. DICOM is the universal language of medical imaging and, as such, it is required by […]

JPI Healthcare Solutions Wants You…As a Strategic Dealer Partner

Do you find it frustrating when your vendor sells direct? How does this impact a vendor-partner relationship? Does this ever force you to want to explore a more trustworthy partner? What would be the positive impact of finding a true partner that is there to help your team be more successful? JPI Healthcare Solutions is […]


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How Much Does Digital X-Ray Cost?

How Much Does Digital X-Ray Cost One of the largest deciding factors in the choice to add or upgrade to digital x-ray imaging is cost. Despite being one of the most frequently asked questions, no imaging solutions provider can tell you exactly how much making changes will add up to without talking to you about […]