Empowering Imaging Dealers to Overcome Challenges

The medical sector relies on imaging vendors for essential equipment and services. However, the industry faces challenges due to the pandemic, inflation, and international conflicts. In this blog, we’ll discuss obstacles vendors face, such as technical support, logistics, and marketing strategies. Drawing on 40 years of experience, we’ll propose solutions.

How to improve radiology reports for patient retention and higher compensation?

The radiological report is a communication tool for the referring physician and the patients. It is a central part of patient management, it influences diagnosis and treatment decisions, and forms the basis for medical compensation.  Initially the radiology report was conceived as a free text report (FTR) to allow radiologists to have their own individuality […]

What are the benefits of moving to digital radiography?

Making more Money! Since 2013, Medicare has been lowering the reimbursement for x-rays taken on film or CR and other insurance companies have followed. Ten years later in 2023, you’ll make 10% less on CR and 20% less on film for every x-ray you take. Optimizing image quality and dose. The improved image quality and […]

ExamVue Duo listed as one of the industry’s most innovative acquisition software.

JPI Healthcare Solutions ExamVue Duo acquisition software was listed this month as one of the industry’s most innovative software in HealthCare Business News Magazine. ExamVue Duo is JPIs cutting-edge radiography diagnostic software with advanced algorithms. It was specially designed for the acquisition, processing, storage, and viewing of digitally acquired x-ray images and is tailored to […]

What is DICOM Compatibility?

What is DICOM Compatibility? DICOM stands for Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine. Developed by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) in 1993, it is the international standard for medical image transmission and storage. DICOM is the universal language of medical imaging and, as such, it is required by […]