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JPI’s Examvue DR can be installed for unlimited use as a demo. If you want to connect to a DR panel you’ll need a license.

ExamVueDR for Vet

ExamVueDR for Medical

Note: If installing ExamVueDR on a new computer, you must make sure that the Korean Language Pack is installed. Otherwise, it will display incorrectly and be unusable. Instructions for installing this in Windows 10 are below.

Instructions for Installing ExamVueDR on Windows 10


The JPI ExamVue PACS can be installed as a limited time demo. After you’ve opened studies 500 times, you’ll need to get a license.

JPI ExamVue PACS 64 Bit Server

JPI ExamVue PACS 32 Bit Server

JPI ExamVue PACS Medical Viewer

JPI ExamVue PACS Veterinary Viewer

Contact us if you have never installed the JPI PACS before for installation help.