Mobile Hybrid CBCT (3-in-1, RAD/FLO/CT)

Flexibility and Efficiency do not have to come at the cost of performance compromise.



Looking Toward the Future of CT Technology

🟥 3-in-1

High-definition mobile hybrid CT system for accurate 3D imaging based self-developed AI technology



  • • Simple workflow
  • • Emergency exam
  • • Image Preview
  • • Fast image processing time (< 0.8 sec)
  • • Advanced Image processing
  • • Powerful measurement tools for veterinarians
  • • X-ray technique optimization using automatic measurements of patient thickness


  • • Large field of view (43cm x 43cm)
  • • Frame rates 10 to 30 fps
  • • GPU based Real-time image processing
  • • DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)
  • • ABC (Auto Brightness control)
  • • Cine player
  • Save Cine or DICOM
3D Reconstruction
Spine Imaging
Dental Imaging
Thorax Imagining
Abdominal Imaging
Nasal Cavities Imaging
Full Skull Imaging
Pelvis Imaging


  • • Fast scan time (4 – 20 secs)
  • • Fast reconstruction time (25sec)
  • • High Image quality
  • • MPR 3D Viewer
Compact Size, Large Bore
Hybrid (3-in-1)

🟥 Features

| Low Dose Imaging Solution | IGZO Sensor | Fast Acquisition & Reconstruction, 3D Viewer

  • 140 micron Pixel Pitch
  • Full-diagnostic x-ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • 430x430mm (17”x17”)
  • Sensor Size
  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • High-definition images
  • 16Bit Large Area
  • Dynamic Sensor
  • Ultra low-dose
  • High efficiency GRID

🟥 System Workflow

Simple & Easy Operation

Preparation (RAD/FLO/CT)

Image Scan (RAD/FLO/CT)

Image Acquisition

Image Processing (CT-Reconstruction)

Image Transfer to PACS

🟥 Dimensions

🟥 ExamVue CT Suite Software 

Highest Quality Hybrid CT/FL/DR Imaging

ExamVue CT Suite Software is the main operating software for the DeteCT system.

 • Designed to provide image acquisition, image processing, hardware integration, and operational management functions for radiologists and radiology technicians.

 • Saves the digital X-ray images acquired in the Radiography, Fluoroscopy, or Computed Tomography mode and processes the acquired image to achieve the best image quality.

 • Manages patient information and stores diagnostic images in an internal database.

 • ExamVue CT Suite Software supports DICOM 3.0 protocol, which allows compatibility with the network programs such as PACS and PMS.

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ExamVue Duo can be expanded with the ExamVue PACS and JPI Cloud PACS, adding further tools for all kinds of veterinary practices.


Advanced Mobile Cloud Solutions

Mobile digital radiography processing, measurement, communication and storage solution. Digital x-ray images anytime, anywhere.

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ExamVue PACS

Local storage, backup and viewing solution

Acquire, store, distribute and display images locally.

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