Podiatrists are demonstrating an expansion of their practice skills through the use of advanced imaging radiology solutions.

Digital radiology reveals problems that lie beneath the surface and helps podiatrists in the diagnosis of bone problems by means of a higher-quality medical image while significantly reducing the radiation dose used to produce a diagnostic image. 

Digital Radiography uses Flat Panel Detectors to capture the radiation and convert it to a digital image in just seconds after exposure. These panel detectors not only allow instant results, but also allow the images to be digitally stored, manipulated, and transferred. They are conveniently designed to take up as little space as possible and render full resolution images within seconds. Podiatry Digital X-ray eliminates the need of expensive film, processing chemicals and monthly maintenance costs. It provides the highest quality of diagnostic images at a low cost of ownership for today’s podiatrist.

Using Digital radiography solutions to enhance diagnosis and management of conditions or pathologies not only provides the capacity for Podiatrists to better inform patients of their diagnosis, they improve diagnostic accuracy and workflow efficiency at podiatry clinics but also facilitate patient education, engagement and empowerment.

Some radiography solutions that have proven to take the podiatry profession to another level are:

Imaging Acquisition Software

Through advanced imaging software, the podiatrist can detect the problem, make measurements of length, angles, and density as well as change contrast, magnify areas, capture and compare all the data they need in order to formulate the most effective treatment. Imaging acquisition software has proven to improve productivity and efficiencies and Podiatry practices across the nation.

Cloud based PACS 

Cloud based PACS offer comprehensive platforms for medical imaging. With all their functionality online, you can upload, view, and interpret patient imaging any time, from any location—and store it for as long as you need. It also eliminates the need for manually creating reports, dictating notes, and sharing images via discs or through unencrypted files. By working in the cloud, Podiatrists can collaborate or make referrals more quickly and easily with secure, HIPAA-compliant resource sharing.

Digital X-ray systems for podiatry practices have the potential to directly impact the delivery, burden and access of care. By reducing time delays and the number of appointments currently required for confirmation of foot and ankle pathologies and have proven to be key in musculoskeletal foot and ankle services, providing the highest quality diagnostic images at a low cost of ownership for today’s podiatrist, taking the podiatry profession to another level!

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