Clear Vision DRE Series

Complete Radiography System

Using state of art flat panel detectors, DRE series allows radiologists to take full advantage of the benefits in the modern hospital environments in small budget.

Flexible Configuration

Clear Vision DRE 140/150

The system can be used as a dual 17” X 17” detector system or a single 14” X 17” detector system.



Available in 40kW, 50kW, and greater, the generator ensures minimum patient dose, excellent reproducibility, and superior image contrast.

Acquire Software

ExamVue software presents a comprehensive set of X-ray image analysis tools through the use of an fast and easy-to-use interface. ExamVue offers high performance image processing and measurement functions.

Flat Panel Detector

Flat panel detector for digital radiographic applications delivers high sensitivity, high resolution, low noise and superb image quality. Portable flat panel detector provides unlimited clinical applications.

PC & Monitor


Bucky stand + Tube stand

Tube stand

+ Bucky table (4-way)

Bucky stand + Tube stand + Bucky table (4-way)

ExamVue Duo Software

Premium Acquisition Software

Cutting-edge imaging diagnostic software with advanced algorithms that aid in the analysis, interpretation, and improve diagnostic capabilities

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ExamVue Duo can be expanded with the ExamVue PACS and JPI Cloud PACS, adding further tools for all kinds of veterinary practices.


Advanced Mobile Cloud Solutions

Mobile digital radiography processing, measurement, communication and storage solution. Digital x-ray images anytime, anywhere.

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ExamVue PACS

Local storage, backup and viewing solution

Acquire, store, distribute and display images locally.

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