DynaVue™ Duo is a robust and user-friendly veterinary digital radiography system, designed to produce great X-ray images and live fluoroscopy videos of companion animals.

🔷  Minimally invasive Fracture repair

 🔷  Stenting Treatment for Tracheal Collapse

 🔷  Vascular & Orthopedic Procedures

 🔷  Contrast Studies of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Real-time Motion Imaging

Go from digital X-ray to Fluoroscopy Mode mode mid-exam without any adjustment to your patient

X-ray Images

Live Fluoroscopy Video

Diagnostic Applications

Surgical Applications

Tailored For Veterinarians

The JPI team worked with industry-leading veterinarians to optimize standard workflow, image quality, and diagnostic results.

120 kVp Maximum Output Low Dose, High Frequency Generator for X-ray and Live X-ray Video

Industry-leading Image Quality and Diagnostic Results

Easy-to-use and Large Touchscreen Operating Console

User-friendly Interface

220V, 15A Power Requirements for Easy Installation

4-way Floating Table for Patient Positioning

Compact Unit with Wheels for Convenient Positioning and Easy Cleaning

Powered by ExamVue™ Acquisition Software

Live Visible and Thermal Camera Mode

Go from digital X-ray to Thermal Camera Mode mode mid-exam without any adjustment to your patient

🔵 Record surgery and diagnostic in the patient study

🔵 Help identify areas of inflammation

🔵 Visually locate some types of tumors

DynaVue V2_04

4-in-1 Features With Superior Diagnostic Tools

The DynaVue™ Duo has is both a fully functional high-end Digital X-ray and Flouroscopy machine at a cost competitive with leading high-end systems.

The DynaVue™ Duo includes:

  • X-ray Detector and Generator for Static and Fluoroscopy Images
  • Live Visible and Thermal Cameras
  • 4-way floating tabletop with tie-downs
  • Computer with touchscreen monitor
  • ExamVue™ Duo acquisition software
  • Integrated voltage regulator for electrical protection

DynaVue™ Duo is powered by

ExamVue™ Duo

Premium Acquisition Software


Advanced Mobile Cloud Solutions

Specialized Tools for Veterinarians

🔹Axial Angle

🔹Clock Face

🔹Clock Face (Lat View)

🔹Clock Face (VD View)

🔹Cross Angle

🔹Liver Size

🔹Middle Angle

🔹Norberg Angle

🔹Percent Coverage

🔹Spine Label


🔹Vertical Discrepancy



🔹Vertebral Heart Score

🔹Norberg Hip Analysis

🔹TPLO Analysis

🔹TTA Analysis

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