A range of solutions is available for medical, chiropractic, podiatry, and veterinary practices.

PACS Cloud Agent is a software application that sends DICOM images from the customer’s facility to PACS Cloud Storage.

  • Receives DICOM images from multiple modalities
  • Send/transmit DICOM images to PACS Cloud Storage with SSL 256-bit encryption

PACS Cloud Storage is secure and hassle-free offsite storage

  • Redundant and load balancing archive
  • Located in Tier 3 Data Center
  • Unlimited Storage – Unlimited studies for CR, DR, and Ultrasound DICOM images and imported MRI studies

 PACS Cloud Viewer

Includes choice of advanced cloud feature:

  • Study Assignment – Emails
  • CD Burning

Here’s a look into JPI Cloud PACS:

The following specialty tools are available.

Chiropractic Tools

  • Cervical Lordosis (George Line)
  • Cervical Lordosis (C2 – C7)
  • Cervical Lordosis (C1 to Horizontal)
  • Cervical Lordosis (C1 – C7)
  • Cervical Lordosis Upper (177mm)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (George Line)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (Translation)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (L1 – S1)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (L1 – L5)
  • Lumbar Lordosis (T12 – S1)
  • Horizontal Distance
  • Vertical Distance
  • Distance from Vertical Line
  • Distance from Horizontal Line
  • Horizontal Deflection Line
  • Ray Line
  • Spinal Body Canal Ratio Line
  • Atlas Plane Line
  • Cervical Curve (60 Degrees)
  • Antero & Retrolisthesis
  • Center Mass
  • Atlas Rotation
  • George’s Line
  • Vertebral Angle
  • Multiple Cobb Angle
  • Extended Cobb’s Angle
  • Multiple Angles
  • Multiple Angles/(Angles Between Lines)
  • Spine Label
  • Full Lateral Spine Marking
  • Gonstead Pelvic Analysis
  • Logan Basic Marking

Medical Tools

  • Linear Measure
  • Angle Measure
  • Circle Area
  • Polygon Area
  • Text Annotation
  • Arrow Mark
  • Line Mark

Podiatry Tools

  • Talo-Calcaneal Angle
  • Calcaneal Inclination and Talar Declination Angle
  • Forefoot 20 Points
  • Metatarsal Parabola
  • Transaction of Lesser Tarsus
  • Cobb’s Angle

Veterinary Tools

  • Vertebral Heart Score
  • TPLO Analysis
  • TTA Analysis
  • Norberg Hip Analysis

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