ExamVue 10" x 12" Glassless Substrate Wireless

Accuracy. Performance. Stability.

Introducing the ExamVue glassless substrate wireless 10″ x 12″ X-ray panel – the ultimate solution for specialists, sports medicine practitioners, and extremity imaging. With a high resolution of 100 microns, this panel delivers crystal clear diagnostic images that meet the needs of high-end medical practices.

This panel is designed with the user in mind. It is lightweight and more durable than traditional glass substrates, making it easy to handle and transport. The panel boasts an impressive 8+ hour battery life on standby, and 4+ hours of active use, ensuring that you have plenty of time to capture images throughout the day.

Powered by the ExamVue Duo acquisition software, this panel guarantees seamless workflow and unparalleled image quality. Whether you’re a sports medicine practitioner or an extremity imaging specialist, the ExamVue glassless substrate wireless 10″ x 12″ panel is the perfect tool for your practice.

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