ExamVue 1417T

Quality, Reliable, Repairable Digital Imaging

The ExamVue 1417T provides affordable imaging at less than the cost of most CR systems. High quality images, durability, and easy field repairs put it above the rest of the pack for retrofitting tables and offices.

ExamVue 1417T is CE approved but currently only available in the U.S. for veterinary use.

Key features

  • robust modular design
  • high resolution up to 4.5 lp/mm at  360 x 432 mm field of view due to multiple sensors usage
  • increased sensitivity due to high optical power of lenses (up to 1:0,8) and high QE of sensors (more than 60%)
  • seriously smaller thickness and weight compared to single CCD-based detectors
  • no cooling
  • no information loss on sensors boundaries due to overlapping fields of view
  • seamless high-quality image in few seconds
  • 10 cm detector thickness
  • Superior performance CsI scintillator
  • Operability within wide range of operating environment conditions
  • Serviceability at client location
  • 5 year warranty for spare parts
Receptor Type Photo-diode sensors array with optical coupling (PSA)
Number of Sensors 72
Field of View 14″ x 17″ (360mm x 432mm)
A/D Conversion 16bits
Auto Exposure Detection Integrated
Data Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Dimensions  16.5″ x 19.3″ x 4.5″ | 420(v) x 490(h) x 115(d)mm
Housing Material Steel/Carbon Fiber
Weight 19.8 lbs (9 kg)
Power 18V DC 65W


  • ExamVue DR is a software for the acquisition, processing,
    storage and viewing of digital x-ray images.
  • ExamVue DR is indicated for use in general radiology,
    specialist radiology including podiatry, orthopedic, and other
    specialties, and in mobile x-ray applications.
  • ExamVue DR is not indicated for use in mammography.
  • ExamVue is a very intuitive interface for the user.
    Very easy to learn!
  • ExamVue includes a large pallet of software functions that are offerred for an additional fee by others or are not available from them at all! ( ie: DICOM Modality Worklist, DICOM Print, Reject, CD-DVD Burn, Image Stitching, Procedure Code Mapping, etc..)
  • ExamVue provides added value for our customers in regards to both functionality and price!

ExamVue DR Acquisition Console Software

  • Patient Registration: Manually or (DMWL)
    DICOM Modality

    Worklist. DICOM Modality Worklist is a standard
    feature and is available for use provided that the
    HIS/RIS accommodates Modality Worklist.
  • Processing Parameter Settings:
    Pediatric,Small, Medium,Large Adult, Edge Enhancement, Histogram, Contrast, Latitude
  • Image Acquisition & Review QC:
    flip (horizontal/vertical), rotate (clockwise/counter-clockwise), zoom, pan, window/level, magnifying glass, crop, annotations line measurement, angle measurement, free text, arrow, L&R Markers, Cobb’s Angle Measurement, Norberg Angle Measurement
  • Allows for secondary/dual monitor display:
    • Emergency Mode:
  • Allows exam to be conducted while no patient data available.
  • Image Preview
  • DICOM Send to PACS, Auto-PACS Send
  • DICOM Print to DICOM Printer
  • DICOM Storage Commitment
  • Hard disk capacity notification bar
  • Export imagesformatted as .jpg, .png, .bmp, and DICOM (with or without Viewer) to CD or other media
  • Export/Back-up to DVD/Removable Drive
  • Procedure Code Matching-Matches body part and projection items with RIS/HIS code
  • Database– Shows list of stored images after acquisition
  • Compare two images side-by-side
  • Delete Image
  • Repeat- Reject function with operator statistics
  • Grid Line Removal
  • Stitching Software
  • AED Mode: Automatic Exposure Detection: The detector detects actual amount of x-rays without any connection to the X-ray generator, and then performs image acquiring according to image acquisition time and transmits the image data -No signal used (no need to connect to generator interface cable)
  • Exposure Index