ExamVue™ Duo Software Update | August 2023

In the ever-evolving world of medical imaging, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for healthcare providers. JPI Healthcare Solutions understands this need for constant innovation and is proud to announce the launch of its latest ExamVue™ Duo software update. Packed with exciting features, this update promises to revolutionize medical imaging with improved efficiency, enhanced customization, and seamless integration. Let’s delve into the remarkable enhancements that this software has to offer.

New Generators Integrated (Summit: Revolutionizing Fluoroscopy)

With the latest software update, JPI Healthcare Solutions introduces the integration with the Summit fluoroscopy generator, setting a new standard in diagnostic imaging. The Summit’s advanced technology offers precise imaging with reduced radiation exposure, ensuring the safety of both patients and medical professionals. Now, clinicians can capture dynamic images with unparalleled clarity, enabling more accurate diagnoses and better patient outcomes.

New Detector Models Integrated (EV Line & 100μm Detectors)

JPI Healthcare Solutions extends its commitment to excellence by incorporating the cutting-edge ExamVue and 100μm flat panel detectors into their latest update. The ExamVue line detectors provide enhanced image quality, faster image acquisition, and increased sensitivity, delivering superior diagnostic accuracy. Moreover, the 100μm detectors push the boundaries of resolution, allowing clinicians to discern even the minutest details, critical in certain diagnoses and specialized treatments.

Improved Customization for Tailored Workflow

Personalization is paramount in medical imaging, as different clinics have distinct requirements. With the new software update, JPI Healthcare Solutions brings improved customization options, enabling healthcare providers to adapt the interface to their unique preferences. Now, clinics can streamline their workflow, optimize productivity, and focus on delivering the best patient care.

Institution Logo on Exported Images

Enhancing brand recognition and promoting professionalism, the latest software update empowers clinics to add their institution’s logo to exported images. Each diagnostic report and image sent to patients or referring physicians will now display the clinic’s logo, reinforcing trust and credibility.

Default Tools Visible for Efficient Diagnostics

Efficiency is paramount in busy medical facilities. With the update, JPI Healthcare Solutions ensures that essential tools provided by our ExamVue™ Duo software are readily visible upon image review. This saves valuable time and allows radiologists and clinicians to quickly access the necessary tools, expediting the diagnostic process.

Easier Workflow for High Volume Clinics

High volume clinics require seamless and efficient workflows to manage the influx of patients. Recognizing this need, the ExamVue™ Duo software update introduces features designed explicitly for high volume facilities. With streamlined processes and optimized tools, these clinics can maintain their exceptional standard of care without compromising on efficiency.

Assign Emergency Images to Existing Patients

In emergencies, every second counts. JPI addresses this critical aspect by enabling clinicians to assign emergency images to existing patient profiles rapidly. This ensures that no time is wasted, facilitating immediate access to relevant medical history and expediting life-saving decisions.

Edit Projection After Exposure

To ensure precise imaging and avoid the need for retakes, the new ExamVue™ Duo software update enables healthcare professionals to edit the projection angle after exposure. This flexibility enhances accuracy and reduces patient discomfort during the imaging process.

Drag and Drop to View Images

The ExamVue™ Duo software update introduces an intuitive “drag and drop” feature, making image viewing and comparison a breeze. Clinicians can effortlessly organize images side-by-side for better analysis, leading to more informed diagnoses.

Option to auto delete on send to PACS

For clinics concerned about storage capacity and data management, the ExamVue™ Duo software update offers an option to auto delete images after successful transfer to the PACS. This ensures that valuable storage space is optimized without compromising data integrity.

The latest ExamVue™ Duo software update from JPI Healthcare Solutions is poised to revolutionize the medical imaging landscape. With new generators, advanced detectors, improved customization, and a host of productivity-enhancing features, this update empowers healthcare providers to deliver superior patient care, streamline workflows, and stay at the forefront of the industry. Embrace the future of medical imaging with JPI Healthcare Solutions’ cutting-edge software update!

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