Easy and Intuitive Acquisition Software

With Robust Annotation Features

Cutting-edge imaging diagnostic software with advanced algorithms that can help in the analysis, interpretation, and diagnosis.

Specially tailored to fit your practice’s need.

Designed for Desktop, Laptop and Touchscreen

Pictorial Instructions and Techniques for All Exposures

Changeable Skins

Dual Monitors

Changeable Skins

Software at a Glance

Email Client

ROI Zoom and Window

Vertical Distance

Horizontal Distance

Free Draw

Cobb and Standard Angles

Image Stitching


Plus optional add-ons for special Companion Animal Tools, Equine tools, or both, with written and graphic instructions on their use.

User Guide


ExamVue Duo can be expanded with the ExamVue PACS and JPI Cloud PACS, adding further tools for all kinds of medical practices, including Orthopedics, Urgent Care, Podiatry and Chiropractic.


Advanced Mobile Cloud Solutions

Mobile digital radiography processing, measurement, communication and storage solution. Digital x-ray images anytime, anywhere.

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ExamVue PACS

Local PACS Solution

Local digital radiography processing, measurement, communication, and storage solution. Optimum imaging management system.

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