ExamVue Flat Panel Detectors

Quality, Reliable Imaging

Unlike many manufacturers, CareRay panels incorporate in-house CsI grown directly on the panel according to their own high standard and procedures.

The CsI scintillator is deposited directly on the flat panel substrate in a high temperature vacuum environment. The unique micro needle structure results in outstanding conversion efficiency from x-rays to visible photons, improved spatial resolution, and stability.

  • Least amount of isotropic photon lateral scattering, resulting in better resolution and sharper edges (MTF).
  • Lowest photon coupling loss, which means improved quantum efficiency (QE) and detector quantum efficiency (DQE)
  • No glue, which means fewer artifacts and a reliable, long term performance without adhesive breakdown and less sensitivity to the environmental conditions.
  • A robust, long lasting detector

The CareView series X-ray flat panels incorporate the proven technology of amorphous silicon. The amorophous silicon photodiode array and TFT underneath convert light from the directly deposited CsI scintillator into electrical charges. These electrical charges are measured and amplified in the data line and then converted to digital signals by an analog/digital converter before being passed to the PC to assemble into an image.

  • CareRay has developed in house technology to grow and directly deposit our own Cesium Iodide Crystals on
    the glass substrate.
  • Most companies must purchase Cesium Iodide Crystals and glue them to the glass substrate which
    degrades image quality.
  • CareRay panels provide our customers the benefits of lower patient exposure dose and higher image quality
    that Cesium Iodide technology provides over Gadolinium technology.
  • CareRay’s ability to grow our own Cesium and not have to source from others, allows us to provide our
    customers with very high quality Images at a very affordable cost!

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