Introducing ExamVue MRS

Mammo Retrofit Solution 

Introducing JPI's ExamVue MRS (Mammo Retrofit Solution)

Introducing the world's first portable wireless detector intended for use in mammography applications. JPI's Digital Mammography Retrofit Solution has unique technical characteristics and is convenient to use through a simple operation process.


At the forefront of digital technology, JPI's new mammography solution has increased capabilities and enables diagnoses at a new standard of excellence.


An upgrade to JPI's digital retrofit detector provides a new lease on life for analog mammography systems. It's no longer necessary to purchase expensive digital mammography systems, when a simple upgrade with our digital, wireless solution is available. 


Now, your analog system can be easily converted into a modern digital system without any changes to the structure of the existing system.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Easily convert existing analog systems to digital technology
  • Wireless, simple, and convenient to use
  • Cost-effective, lower dose solution
  • 49.5μm pixel size
  • Can be used is any analog system regardless of manufacturer
  • All the benefits of digital mammography image archiving
  • Increased productivity means higher patient throughput
  • Environmentally-friendly CMOS technology
  • Analog system consumables are no longer required

If you have any questions regarding the newly-available ExamVue MRS, please contact our Account Manager for Latin America, John Sanchez at 1-516-513-1330 ext. 103.

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Please Note: ExamVue MRS is not for sale in the USA or Canada.