JPI has been producing high-quality grids for over 40 years and has had worldwide success with our many OEM partners. We are committed to continuing excellence and innovation in our grid products and production.

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Leading digital imaging systems

“We did not stop at becoming the best providers of x-ray grids worldwide…we took the next step and now provide leading software and digital imaging


Leading provider of x-ray grids worldwide

“Our goal was rather simple, to deliver crystal clear x-ray images with our x-ray grids. We worked tirelessly to improve ourselves until we became global

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What is DICOM Compatibility?

What is DICOM Compatibility? DICOM stands for Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine. Developed by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the National Electrical Manufacturers


Back to Basics | X-Ray Grids

Back to Basics | X-Ray Grids What is a Grid? A grid, fully named an “X-Ray Antiscatter Grid,” is comprised of alternating lines of lead