Integrated radiography modalities skyrocket veterinary practice’s bottom line.

Advanced integrated veterinary radiography diagnostic modalities such as CBTC’s, CT’s and integrated fluoroscopy solutions are starting to be seen as not only crucial in assisting veterinarians to make informed decisions, but also as profit generating services for veterinary practices.

Integrated advanced imaging allows veterinarians to observe the inside of patients in ways that are impossible without them. Methods such as Computed Tomography (CT) scans, Fluoroscopy, digital radiography and thermal videos all provide unique insights into patients. This comprehensive imaging, allows veterinarians and other health professionals to accurately view the structures and activities occurring inside the body, in 2D, 3D and in motion. They increase the sensitivity, specificity of diagnosing pathology and can significantly reduce patient management time, allowing practices to generate more and more revenue!

However, these machines don’t come cheap and their annual support service can run very high. That is why before investing in the equipment, practices need to consider providers that offer packages developed specifically for veterinarians, multi functional and provide comprehensive solutions. Make sure to evaluate  all of the options available for CBCT, CT or Fluoroscopy integrated equipment out there.

Another important factor to consider is size and mobility. CTs are very large, finding a smaller sized CBTC that fits into the existing practice’s space and that can be rolled in and out of spaces is crucial and can be challenging. Fluoroscopy c-arms also require significant space, especially if they will be repositioned for surgical procedures.

Learn how JPI Healthcare Solutions advanced imaging systems meet all the criteria mentioned above and can deliver you huge opportunities for practice development, staff confidence, bring a big boost to referrals and a YES to the bottom line!

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