IONA 11417

High quality images for less than the price of most CRs!

High quality images for less than the price of most CRs! The Iona1 14×17 CCD is ideal for the veterinary office, providing high resolution and contrast images without the expense of a flat panel or the hassles of a CR scanner. Field repairable and with a 5 year parts warranty, the Iona 1 is the ideal solution for the vet looking for a reliable, long term DR upgrade in their office.

  • High resolution over 4 lp/mm.
  • No “dead” or non-responding pixels.
  • No cooling required.
  • No information loss on sensors boundaries.
  • due to overlapping fields of view.
  • Integrated AED.
  • no sync with generator needed.
  • Radiography and fluoroscopy support by
  • The same detector.
  • The only unit serviceable in the field.
  • 3 years warranty for spare parts.
Application Radiography
Sensors Number 45
Conversion Screen Type CsI / DRZ
Image Size 423 X 320mm
A/D Conversion 16bit
Auto Exposure Detection YES
Output data interface USB 2.0 / Gigabite Ethernet
Dimensions 492(v) X 430(h) X 170(d)mm
Weight 18kg
Power AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz


  • ExamVue DR is a software for the acquisition, processing,
    storage and viewing of digital x-ray images.
  • ExamVue DR is indicated for use in general radiology,
    specialist radiology including podiatry, orthopedic, and other
    specialties, and in mobile x-ray applications.
  • ExamVue DR is not indicated for use in mammography.
  • ExamVue is a very intuitive interface for the user.
    Very easy to learn!
  • ExamVue includes a large pallet of software functions that are offerred for an additional fee by others or are not available from them at all! ( ie: DICOM Modality Worklist.
  • ExamVue provides added value for our customers in regards to both functionality and price!.

ExamVue DR Acquisition Console Software

  • Patient Registration: Manually or (DMWL)
    DICOM Modality

    Worklist. DICOM Modality Worklist is a standard
    feature and is available for use provided that the
    HIS/RIS accommodates Modality Worklist.
  • Processing Parameter Settings:
    Pediatric,Small, Medium,Large Adult, Edge Enhancement, Histogram, Contrast, Latitude
  • Image Acquisition & Review QC:
    flip (horizontal/vertical), rotate (clockwise/counter-clockwise), zoom, pan, window/level, magnifying glass, crop, annotations line measurement, angle measurement, free text, arrow, L&R Markers, Cobb’s Angle Measurement, Norberg Angle Measurement
  • Allows for secondary/dual monitor display:
    • Emergency Mode:
  • Allows exam to be conducted while no patient data available.
  • Image Preview
  • DICOM Send to PACS, Auto-PACS Send
  • DICOM Print to DICOM Printer
  • DICOM Storage Commitment
  • Hard disk capacity notification bar
  • Export imagesformatted as .jpg, .png, .bmp, and DICOM (with or without Viewer) to CD or other media
  • Export/Back-up to DVD/Removable Drive
  • Procedure Code Matching-Matches body part and projection items with RIS/HIS code
  • Database– Shows list of stored images after acquisition
  • Compare two images side-by-side
  • Delete Image
  • Repeat- Reject function with operator statistics
  • Grid Line Removal
  • Stitching Software
  • AED Mode: Automatic Exposure Detection: The detector detects actual amount of x-rays without any connection to the X-ray generator, and then performs image acquiring according to image acquisition time and transmits the image data -No signal used (no need to connect to generator interface cable)
  • Exposure Index

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