JPI Tech Corner by Stalin Calvache | The Necessity of DynaVue+

We have not published a Tech Corner in sometime, as myself and other team members have been increasingly busy with product management, development, and other exciting things in the works.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, my name is Stalin Calvache and I very recently celebrated my two-year anniversary as a Senior Product Manager at JPI Healthcare Solutions. In my role, part of my job is to ensure that our dealers and end user customers are getting the best hardware and software support in the industry. One unique aspect of working at JPI is having the ability to add my professional and personal experience to the products we develop and support.

In particular, DynaVue from JPI has struck a chord with me. DynaVue is the first of its kind in the veterinary market—a powerful yet compact system that combines digital X-ray and fluoroscopy. In the development of this product, we set out to address an unmet need; making sure we could place DynaVue in any size clinic with the goal of not only producing great digital X-ray images but also having the ability to perform minimally invasive procedures with the added value of fluoroscopy at their fingertips (or footswitch).

About 20 years ago, long before I was working in diagnostic imaging, I had an experience with our family dog, Peking, who was a golden Labrador retriever. On an unusually warm November day in The Bronx, NY, Peking wasn’t nearly as playful as usual, and appeared to have trouble breathing. As I felt something was wrong, we rushed him to the veterinarian, where we were told that Peking could be suffering from a tracheal collapse and might need a procedure not offered at the clinic. We were immediately referred to a larger, more equipped veterinary hospital, which was unfortunately an hour away.

Without hesitation, I put Peking in the front seat and we were on our way to the hospital. On our way, it became apparent that he was not in good shape, as his breathing seemed heavier and more strained than previously. I lowered the windows of the car to get as much airflow as possible. In rushed a sea breeze as we passed through the Whitestone Bridge area. Peking appeared to be content in the moment as he looked at me for the very last time. We had spent a lot of time at the beach together. It was unfortunate that these joyful times with Peking had come to an end due to a tracheal collapse.  I look back at think that DynaVue could’ve saved Peking and given us more time together.

In the past year, JPI has placed more than 15 DynaVue systems in a range of veterinary environments spanning from small clinics to veterinary schools. With this technology, practices of all sizes can now have digital X-ray along with the ability to perform surgical procedures with fluoroscopy. Additionally, DynaVue is easy to use and an excellent learning tool.

Veterinarians looking to bolster their skillset and service offerings by elevating their imaging with DynaVue also stand to generate revenue offering procedures they could not previously perform. These procedures include:

  • Intraluminal stenting for tracheal collapse treatment
  • Minimally invasive fracture repair
  • Treating urethral and colonic obstructive disease
  • Vascular procedures
  • Orthopedic procedures
  • Contrast studies of the gastrointestinal tract

When we install a DynaVue system, I think about Peking, and I’m grateful that I get to work with technology that can be life-saving to countless companion animals around the world. For more information on DynaVue and our other unique imaging solutions, please feel free to contact us via email at or call (516) 513-1330 ext. 3 to speak with an Account Manager today.

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