Leading digital imaging systems

“We did not stop at becoming the best providers of x-ray grids worldwide…we took the next step and now provide leading software and digital imaging systems all around the globe”. Abe Elgohary, CEO at JPI Healthcare Solutions.

JPI’s core competency is our ever-diligent R&D team and commitment to manufacturing superior products and components that have allowed us to be and continue being industry leaders after 40 years.

Examples of some of our innovative solutions are:

  • ExamVue Duo acquisition software enhances and corroborates the work of skilled radiologists, relieves pressure on staff, and provides better patient outcomes. Our medical software is cutting-edge and user-friendly and has advanced image processing features that streamline the acquisition and interpretation of images for improved diagnosis.
  • JPI flat panel detectors with exceptional image optimization and computer-aided feature extraction make it simple to upgrade to digital radiography. With superior image quality and our intuitive imaging software ExamVue Duo.
  • Specialty veterinary systems provide state-of-the-art solutions specially tailored to each professional practice’s needs.
    • DynaVue Duo – Our four-in-one veterinary x-ray diagnostic and surgical system with fluoroscopic imaging. A unique and user-friendly veterinary digital radiography system, with digital x-ray, fluoroscopy, video, and thermal imaging in a single package for your diagnostic or surgical center.
    • DirectVet – A sturdy, cost-efficient digital radiography system powered by the 110V outlet in your wall. Easily used and versatile digital x-ray system providing exceptional image quality with ExamVue Duo acquisition software.

We are proud of our heritage and to be JPI Healthcare Solutions, the world leader in radiology software and diagnostic quality, the provider of cutting-edge software and hardware for the accurate analysis and interpretation of medical diagnostic images.

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