PACS Solutions for Small Clinics and Practices

Small clinics have the benefits of lower operating costs and the ability to cultivate a local, loyal patient base. However, the tradeoffs are quite large when it comes to equipment. Not only do you have a smaller budget to work with while attempting to compete with larger practices, you also need to keep the amount of space you have to work with in mind. These days, just about any clinic with medical imaging has a PACS in place. Here are some additional considerations smaller practices need to make.

One thing that people instantly go to when it comes to PACS for smaller settings is using the cloud. This isn’t a bad idea, but it isn’t an instant fix, either. Yes, it gets rid of a lot of your space concerns, but it adds additional security concerns. It’s up to you whether or not the tradeoff is worth it, and if you’re going to be able to provide secure cloud storage for images.

In addition, smaller clinics means smaller staff. You want to make sure that any PACS you invest in have an interface that your team will be able to latch onto quickly. If possible, try to schedule a demonstration that your key team members can watch, and get their feedback.

When you’ve found the ideal PACS solutions for your practice, the next step is finding an industry partner that can help make this a reality. those functions. This is easier said than done, though, especially when you consider all the options as well as the need to stay within your budget and maintain compatibility across the board. The easiest way to find the ideal match is to work with a partner like JPI Healthcare Solutions. We offer a variety of digital imaging solutions to fit any sort of practice. Consult with us today to find a way to work through your budget and space constraints.

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