The Predicted Future for AI and Radiology

The topic of artificial intelligence and its impact on Radiology has been a popular topic in 2017, especially at RSNA 2017. With the increased use of AI in our modern world, a big question is raised: Will AI replace Radiologists? Though AI is still in its early stages within the radiology field, evidence suggests AI will not replace doctors. It is suggested that AI has the potential to act more as an aide in the radiology field, specifically with optimizing work-flow.

Geoff Hinton, who is an AI expert, has hinted at AI not completely replacing doctors but it eventually being a part of radiologists’ everyday professional routine – “…Certainly we expect AI to be a major part of radiologists’ everyday professional activities in the future.” For example, if radiologists were to be assisted by machines, working as a team, it could result in improved efficiency in the field.

AI capabilities may also have a positive impact on improving image quality. At RSNA 2017, Curtis Langlotz, M.D., Ph.D. of Stanford University, explored this topic. Langlotz described a method in which AI can be beneficial for image reading. He explained how a MRI machine can let the rad tech know that the images are too unclear for an accurate read. By utilizing AI this way, it can better MRI image quality. This would reduce time spent for the patient in the machine.

The hype around AI does not seem to be dying down any time soon. AI has already made its footprint in the medical field. We are excited to see how AI technology will continue to grow and assist the radiology world.

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