Clear Vision DRE Series​

Complete Radiography System​

Unlocking the potential of modern hospital environments, the DRE series empowers radiologists with state-of-the-art ExamVue™ Duo flat panel detectors. Elevate your workflow and image quality to new heights.

Customize your setup according to your preferences, all powered by the ExamVue™ Duo acquisition software at its heart. Experience the future of radiology today.

Full X-ray Room Solutions

The DRE Series provides a wide array of configurations, giving healthcare professionals the ability to customize their radiography workflow with precision. 

Standard Full Radiology Room

🔹Bucky Stand

🔹Tube Stand

🔹Bucky Table (4-way)

Included In Clear Vision DRE Series Package

X-ray Generator

Poskom / CPI

40kW or 50kW Options


PC & Monitor

Pre-tested and Configured

ExamVue Duo

Flat Panel Detector

ExamVue Duo




E7239X or E7252X Options


Local PACS

Specialized Toolsets

🔹Center Point

🔹Orthogonal Line

🔹Torg’s Ratio

🔹Pelvic Obliquit

🔹Baseline Measurement

🔹Jackson Angle

🔹Ishihara Index

🔹George’s Line

🔹Cervical Curve

🔹Lumber Curve

🔹Ilium Analysis

🔹Spine Analysis

🔹Spine Label

🔹Horizontal/Vertical Distance
🔹Distance from Vertical Line
🔹Distance from Horizontal Line
🔹Spinal Body Canal Ratio Line
🔹Horizontal Deflection Line
🔹Angles Between lines
🔹Atlas Plane Line
🔹George’s Line
🔹Ray Line

🔹Center Mass
🔹Antero & Retrolisthesis
🔹Logan Basic Marking
🔹Full Lateral Spine Marking
🔹Gonstead Pelvic Analysis
🔹Extended Cobb’s Angle
🔹Vertebral Angle
🔹Multiple Angles
🔹Atlas Rotation

Why JPI?



✅ 40+ years of experiences in the radiology industry

✅ Equipment assembled in Korea, Canada, and the USA

✅ Worldwide distribution and support


Warranty Program

✅ Up to 5 years of hardware warranty

✅ Up to 5 years of drop coverage program

✅ Up to 5 years of remote software support


Technical Support

✅ Available Monday to Friday (9 AM – 8 PM EDT), weekends and holidays (9 AM – 5 PM EDT)

✅ Live chat available

✅ Knowledge-based resource

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