Smart Digital Multi-Modality System


🔹Real-time Motion Imaging


Digital Interface

🔹Positioning Guide

🔹Inforgraphic Display


🔹Easy to Handle

🔹3-in-1 Solution


🔹Easy Positioning

🔹Patient Friendly


🔹Rapid and Stable

🔹Wide Range Movement

The First Of Its Kind

3-in-1 Compact Straight Arm System



🔹Fast scan time (4 sec)

🔹Fast reconstruction time (15 sec)

🔹 Superior image quality

Real-time Motion Imaging

🔹 Full fluoroscopy without C-Arm

🔹 Large field of view 17″ x 17″

🔹 Frame rates 5 to 30 fps

🔹 GPU-based real-time imaging processing

🔹 DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)

🔹 ABC (Auto Brightness Control) 

🔹 Save Cine or DICOM


🔹 Simple workflow

🔹 Emergency exam

🔹 Image preview

🔹 Fast image processing time (<0.8 sec)

🔹 Advanced image processing

Various Scan Positions

270° Angle Rotation

Vertical Motion

Extendable Straight Arm

ExamVue™ DTS Suite

An extension of ExamVue™ Duo ecosystem


The exclusive software for StriXion™ offers real-time motion images (fluoroscopic images), X-ray images, and tomographic images through the latest trends of intuitive interfaces that reflect users’ convenience. Includes the only special features available through self-developed software and provides Auto Diagnosis for proactive action and tools for efficient operations.

The StriXion™ software provides high-quality images useful for diagnosis through image processing technology for each mode, enabling effective work, and improving user satisfaction by providing digital guides for professional video scan.

Come With Your StriXion™

DR Acquisition

Real-time Motion Imaging

2D Slice Viewer

Dynamic Flat Panel Detector

ExamVue PACS

DICOM Modality Worklist

Why JPI?



✅ 40+ years of experiences in the radiology industry

✅ Equipment assembled in Korea, Canada, and the USA

✅ Worldwide distribution and support


Warranty Program

✅ Up to 5 years of hardware warranty

✅ Up to 5 years of drop coverage program

✅ Up to 5 years of remote software support


Technical Support

✅ Available Monday to Friday (9 AM – 8 PM EDT), weekends and holidays (9 AM – 5 PM EDT)

✅ Live chat available

✅ Knowledge-based resource

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