Protection plans and warranties; a “make or break” factor in the purchase of radiography equipment in 2023! 

Radiology is considered by many to be at the heart of healthcare.

Advances in sophisticated medical radiography technologies like imaging acquisition software and flat panel detectors, have extended their application scope, offering essential services in diagnosis.  The number of procedures performed is growing steadily despite the current economic crisis.

Protection plans and warranties have become a “make or break” factor when purchasing radiography equipment.

With the economy as it is, the one thing that has become imperative for end users is the support and warranties that manufacturers are offering them for their radiology equipment. If not thought about ahead of time, equipment investment can require additional high maintenance fees or repairs for defects after purchase. Drop coverage, software support,  panel warranties and technical support are key determinants upon purchase.

  • Many companies only provide 1 year of software support and no drop coverage.
  • Manufacturers with warranties of 2-3 years can require a 20% or higher premium per year for a full 5 year warranty.
  • Software support at minimum can cost $1,000 – $2,000 per year after the first year of support. 4 years of support can easily be $8,000 or more.
  • Drop coverage insurance can cost over $2000 per year, even with high deductibles. 5 years of drop coverage can easily cost the user over $10,000 even if the equipment is never damaged.

That is why a 5 year cost of ownership evaluation is highly recommended!

High quality vendors vs low price unprotected items.

In medicine patient care and product quality have to be foremost in decision making processes. Based on requirement and budget, buyers today need to look for high quality radiology equipment vendors that will support their equipment and that provide ample warranty coverage. It is important to obtain quotes on purchase prices and support costs, as well as information about warranties, and use that data when determining the true cost of your equipment and monthly payments.

Remember, all that shines is not gold, most of the time cheap radiology equipment turns out to be highly expensive in the long run. Image quality and ease of use should never be ignored either. If a product doesn’t bring you up to speed clinically, it’s not worth having the financial discussion to start with.

Remember, belt-tightening measures boil down to value based radiology; quality products, protection and warranty, key determinants in the purchase of digital radiology equipment in 2023!

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