Study Shows Digital Mammography Increases Breast Cancer Detection Rates


According to a Radiology Business article, medical providers that made the switch from film to digital mammography saw a sharp increase in cancer detection rates. The recent article cited a large study from the United Kingdom which was published in Radiology. This extensive study, "Impact of Digital Mammography on Cancer Detection and Recall Rates: 11.3 Million Screening Episodes in the English National Health Service Breast Cancer Screening Program," gathered screening data from 80 facilities in the U.K. during 2009-2010 and 2015-2016 in which more than 11.3 million screening episodes occurred.


The study found that the overall cancer detection rate was 14% greater with digital mammography as compared to film mammography screenings. Additionally, the study discovered a 19% increase during first screening exams for the grouping of women aged 45-52.


While there were higher rates of detection of grade 1 and 2 invasive cancers, there was no change in the detection of grade 3 invasive cancers. Recall rates did not increase. Radiology and study author, Rosalind M. Given-Wilson MBBS, from St. Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation in London, is said these results "confirm that digital mammography is superior to screen film mammography in finding invasive cancers and DCIS [Ductal Carcinoma in Situ]." Further, and quite frankly stated, "Women are more likely to have cancer detected with a digital mammogram."

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