JPI Healthcare Solutions Tech Corner Update


Hello, my name is Stalin Calvache, Senior Product Manager and Technical Support Specialist for JPI Healthcare Solutions. Throughout my career in technical support, the prevalent quality issues encountered were with large patients and the resulting image. Understanding that this issue exists, JPI has implemented procedures to test the advanced imaging processing engine of [...]

JPI Healthcare Solutions Tech Corner Update2019-05-29T14:43:44+00:00

Why Do Digital Panels Break? Part II


Recently, JPI discussed the frequently asked question, “Why do digital panels break?” The article can be read here >> In this article, we addressed the most common reasons panels would suddenly stop working. Like any other piece of equipment or technology, x-ray panels also experience slower, more gradual losses of functionality over time. [...]

Why Do Digital Panels Break? Part II2018-08-31T14:40:34+00:00
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