Can Digital Radiography Make Fluoroscopy More Efficient?


Fluoroscopy fulfills an important role in the veterinary world, and serves as an essential complement to x-rays and other radiography techniques. Where x-rays capture a fixed image, fluoroscopy can capture things in motion, like something that was swallowed accidentally. We’ve talked in the past about how going digital supports fixed radiography, but does [...]

Can Digital Radiography Make Fluoroscopy More Efficient?2019-06-21T15:39:14+00:00

Veterinary Fluoroscopy


Fluoroscopy is an imaging process that allows veterinary professionals to view the inside of the body and study moving structures while the patient is in motion. This method of treatment, which can be thought of as providing x-ray movie footage, allows several images to be captured and projected on a viewing monitor in [...]

Veterinary Fluoroscopy2019-06-11T19:23:17+00:00
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