Can Digital Radiography Make Fluoroscopy More Efficient?


Fluoroscopy fulfills an important role in the veterinary world, and serves as an essential complement to x-rays and other radiography techniques. Where x-rays capture a fixed image, fluoroscopy can capture things in motion, like something that was swallowed accidentally. We’ve talked in the past about how going digital supports fixed radiography, but does [...]

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How Fluoroscopy Can Help Your Veterinary Practice


Fluoroscopy is a type of medical imaging that produces a continuous X-ray image on a monitor. The applications of veterinary fluoroscopy are varied and many. These procedures presents numerous revenue-generating opportunities for your veterinary practice. Some applications of fluoroscopy include: Gastrointestinal system issues Heart movement Respiratory system Difficulty swallowing Tracheal collapse and stent [...]

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How Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy Intersect


Radiography, in general, is trending towards more efficiency, but also more accessibility to the latest technology. Two separate fields that work towards this goal are fluoroscopy and digital radiography. Here are some examples on how digital radiography and fluoroscopy are similar and how both are worth implementing in your veterinary practice. For one [...]

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Applications for Veterinary Fluoroscopy


The overall goal of radiography is for veterinarians is twofold: Using imaging to make diagnoses Tracking treatment for various issues However, there are still some limitations for even the most advanced versions of these procedures, which is where offshoot procedures like veterinary fluoroscopy come into play. This isn’t designed to supplant other radiography, [...]

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More on Veterinary Fluoroscopy


Veterinary fluoroscopy enables real-time radiographic evaluation of animals. Essentially, fluoroscopy gives us the ability to see inside of the body while the organs are in motion. This technology utilizes low doses of continuous x-rays to produce many images, capturing motion in real-time—like an X-ray movie. Another aspect of veterinary fluoroscopy which is beneficial [...]

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JPI Healthcare Solutions Installs First DynaVue in North America


We are excited to announce the successful implementation of a DynaVue 2-in-1 total veterinary imaging solution in Colorado. This install is JPI's first in the United States. However, due to an agreement with the purchasing organization, we aren't able to disclose more details regarding the "who." We are, of course, able to tell you [...]

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JPI Healthcare to Launch DynaVue System at WVC 2019 Booth 3313


JPI Healthcare, a global provider of diagnostic imaging solutions for medical and veterinary applications, is pleased to announce the North American launch of its DynaVue total imaging solution. The DynaVue system combines fluoroscopy and digital radiography in one space-saving unit, making a number of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic treatments available in your [...]

JPI Healthcare to Launch DynaVue System at WVC 2019 Booth 33132019-02-14T21:00:22+00:00
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