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Empowering Imaging Dealers to Overcome Challenges

The medical sector relies on imaging vendors for essential equipment and services. However, the industry faces challenges due to the pandemic, inflation, and international conflicts. In this blog, we’ll discuss obstacles vendors face, such as technical support, logistics, and marketing strategies. Drawing on 40 years of experience, we’ll propose solutions.

JPI Healthcare Solutions Introducing the StriXion Tomoynthesis System at FIME 2023

JPI Healthcare Solutions is introducing its latest medical imaging innovation, the StriXion, at FIME on June 21-23, 2023, in Miami Beach, FL. This unique multi-modality machine combines standing and tabletop Tomography, Fluoroscopy, and X-ray into one high throughput and compact system.

How to improve radiology reports for patient retention and higher compensation?

The radiological report is a communication tool for the referring physician and the patients. It is a central part of patient management, it influences diagnosis and treatment decisions, and forms the basis for medical compensation.  Initially the radiology report was conceived as a free text report (FTR) to allow radiologists to have their own individuality […]

Protection plans and warranties; a “make or break” factor in the purchase of radiography equipment in 2023! 

Radiology is considered by many to be at the heart of healthcare. Advances in sophisticated medical radiography technologies like imaging acquisition software and flat panel detectors, have extended their application scope, offering essential services in diagnosis.  The number of procedures performed is growing steadily despite the current economic crisis. Protection plans and warranties have become […]

Digital X-ray systems for podiatry practices…more than meets the eye 

Podiatrists are demonstrating an expansion of their practice skills through the use of advanced imaging radiology solutions. Digital radiology reveals problems that lie beneath the surface and helps podiatrists in the diagnosis of bone problems by means of a higher-quality medical image while significantly reducing the radiation dose used to produce a diagnostic image.  Digital […]

Why is the biggest element of chiropractic care x-ray diagnostic testing?

Imaging diagnostics help identify the source of the pain.In order for Chiropractors to fully understand the condition and come up with an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan, they must first determine with precision what the condition or injury is internally. Chiropractors rely on a variety of imaging diagnostic techniques in order to fully […]

Two new advanced integrated veterinary imaging systems; a CBCT and a Fluoroscopy system announced for 2023 by JPI Healthcare Solutions. By Digital Journal, January 10, 2023.

“JPI’s new veterinary imaging integrated solutions for 2023 will bring a unique combination of CT, Fluoroscopy and Digital X-ray to the veterinary practice, our DynaVue Duo and DeteCT Vet CT put advanced imaging techniques into the hand of the veterinarian in the same equipment as digital x-ray, video and thermal imaging at a price that […]

Why does JPI Healthcare Solutions include a grid with every medical DR sold?

For most of the history of x-ray systems,  anti-scatter grids were produced to work in a film-based environment. This meant that they were designed to be used in a reciprocating bucky – a motorized case that would move the grid during the x-ray, blurring out grid lines and artifacts. Many grids in those days were produced […]

What are the benefits of moving to digital radiography?

Making more Money! Since 2013, Medicare has been lowering the reimbursement for x-rays taken on film or CR and other insurance companies have followed. Ten years later in 2023, you’ll make 10% less on CR and 20% less on film for every x-ray you take. Optimizing image quality and dose. The improved image quality and […]

Integrated radiography modalities skyrocket veterinary practice’s bottom line.

Advanced integrated veterinary radiography diagnostic modalities such as CBTC’s, CT’s and integrated fluoroscopy solutions are starting to be seen as not only crucial in assisting veterinarians to make informed decisions, but also as profit generating services for veterinary practices. Integrated advanced imaging allows veterinarians to observe the inside of patients in ways that are impossible […]