The JPI-2100 Mammographic Anti-Scatter Grid


While most anti-scatter grids are produced manually, JPI-2100 grids are fabricated based on the semiconductor process. This creates far more uniformity between grid lines than a hand assembled grid. The dose distribution after transmission through a JPI-2100 grid homogeneous. Therefore, its mammography image is much cleaner, with equal exposure across the entire image. [...]

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Transition from CR to DR with the Mobile Trans-Former LLFS Grid Cabinet


The Mobile Trans-Former LLFS Grid Cabinet is designed and engineered specifically to enhance the process of care, workflow efficiencies, and clinical outcomes when performing stitching exams. This is an ideal and economical solution when upgrading from CR to DR technology. Designed and engineered for precise fitment of your DR panel Robust, [...]

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A Buyer’s Guide for X-Ray Grids


These grids are placed between the patient and the actual x-ray film in order to minimize scattered radiation both for the benefit of the patient as well as the image quality, helping to reduce contrast and making it easier to see specific details. Better image quality means more accurate diagnoses and advice for [...]

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Antiscatter Grids and Moire Elimination


Since the development of the antiscatter grid in 1913, a major problem has been the resulting lines that can appear in the x-ray image. This critical defect created a risk of misdiagnosis by physicians. In 1920, Dr. Hollis Potter devised a solution for this problem by finding a movement patter that would eliminate [...]

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More Frequently Asked Questions About Grids


When two grids have the same specifications, why are their transmissions different? The reason is that the interspace width and height is different. As the x-ray interacts with different amounts of lead and aluminum, its attenuation changes. Do standard tests cover everything with regard to grid quality? Grid characteristics change with the x-ray [...]

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JPI Grid Optimization Solution for Bucky Tray Specifications


A very difficult problem for recent high-resolution digital x-ray detectors is that, as resolution goes up, so does the difficulty of eliminating grid artifacts from the image. This is a problem for mammography systems in particular, where resolutions are much higher than in general radiography. In this article, we will discuss mathematical methods [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About X-Ray Grids


How does scatter radiation happen? In general, scatter radiation is Compton scatter radiation. This radiation usually occurs when x-ray interacts with matter. It occurs in medium and high energy range. When do you recommend the use of an x-ray grid? An x-ray grid is recommended when x-raying objects that are 10cm thick or [...]

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DR Image Optimization with JPI’s Grid Solutions


In Digital Radiography (DR), Moire is the appearance of wavy distortions in an image. It’s the result of interference between the antiscatter grid and the digital detector. Moire patterns are major physical effects that cannot be effectively removed by software. This makes proper diagnosis very difficult if not impossible. Historical Background Since antiscatter [...]

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What are X-Ray Grids?


The basic purpose of X-ray grid use is to enhance the contrast and quality of the medial image by removing the scatter radiation. With regard to grid specifications, the object that scatter radiation arises is thicker than 10cm. The scatter radiation is also known as “Compton scatter radiation.” Depending on the purpose of [...]

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