Why ExamVue MRS (Mammography Retrofit Solution) is Better Than Your Current Mammography


We feel existing methods of mammography (film-screen, CR, and TFT) fall short of our solution, which combines ExamVue MRS and Workstation. Deficiencies of Film-Screen Mammography Film is non-linear and has limited dynamic range' Reduced patient throughput due to long image development processing time (whereas digital mammography is nearly 'instant') Labor-intensive process requires extra staff [...]

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Benefits of Mammography Workstation for ExamVue MRS


JPI's Mammography Workstation offers: Single desktop reading Native mammography function Multi-vendor PACS compatibility Proper and effective review of digital images Storage and display of DICOM data Multimodality capability Optimized workflow for both screening and diagnostic studies Dedicated keypad for most frequently used functions Addigital advantages of the ExamVue MRS Workstation: Streamlines workflow with [...]

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What Makes the ExamVue MRS (Mammography Retrofit Solution) Fabulosa?


ExamVue MRS (Mammography Retrofit Solution) is the world’s first wireless detector intended for use in mammography Unique technical characteristics versus the competition Convenient to use through a simple, user-friendly operation process Enhances X-ray diagnosis in mammography to a new standard of quality Converts existing analog mammography into modern digital systems More patients/less time [...]

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Dedicated Workstation Software for ExamVue MRS


Software dedicated to ExamVue MRS (Mammography Retrofit Solution) for mammography applications, offers radiologists a set of tools to streamline review of digital mammography images. Dedicated workstation software for the ExamVue MRS has a wide range of options for viewing, analyzing, transferring, and archiving digital images. The software is extremely versatile and can support [...]

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JPI Healthcare Solutions is at JPR 2019 in Brazil


JPI Healthcare Solutions CEO, Abe, and Latin America Account Manager, John, are currently in São Paulo, Brazil attending the 49th Jornada Paulista de Radiologia (JPR). Some of the JPI team has been in South America over the past couple of weeks promoting ExamVue MRS (Mammography Retrofit Solution), which has been hailed as the [...]

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ExamVue MRS Gaining Traction in South America


Some members of the JPI Healthcare Solutions team are currently in South America spreading the word about the newly-available ExamVue MRS, JPI's Mammography Retrofit Solution. As part of these efforts, the team has been meeting with prospective customers as well as conducting product demonstrations. Thus far, JPI has conducted two successful mammography retrofit [...]

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X-Ray Principles of Mammography


Unlike general radiography, nearly monochromatic x-ray is used for mammography. Molybdenum is used as the target material for the x-ray tube. The bremsstrahlung radiation is suppressed and filtration with Mo, W, Rd, and Al produces a characteristic x-ray spectrum with a single very strong peak. The monochromatic beam allows Photoelectric Effect (PE) to [...]

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Demands of Mammography Imaging


Mammography exams require an image resolution far above most general radiographic exams. Mammography machines must have a resolution below 200µm to accurately detect micro-calcification. This means that an x-ray tube with a target spot of 0.1 to 0.6mm must be used. Additionally, this means that the resolution of any detector for mammography must [...]

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Mammography Imaging


According to the American Cancer Society 2007 Global Facts and Figures, breast cancer is the first or second most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in many of the largest medical markets. According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 270,000 new cases are expected in the United States this year. Additionally, breast cancer [...]

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