High Precision Carbon-Interspaced Antiscatter Grids


JPI has developed high precision carbon-interspaced antiscatter grids to be suitable for Digital Radiography (DR) by adopting a precise sawing process. For systematic evaluation of the grid performance, we prepared several sample grids having different grid frequencies (4.0 to 8.5 lines/mm) and grid ratios (5:1 to 10:1) and established a well-controlled test condition [...]

High Precision Carbon-Interspaced Antiscatter Grids2018-10-31T13:04:37+00:00

Antiscatter Grids and Moire Elimination


Since the development of the antiscatter grid in 1913, a major problem has been the resulting lines that can appear in the x-ray image. This critical defect created a risk of misdiagnosis by physicians. In 1920, Dr. Hollis Potter devised a solution for this problem by finding a movement patter that would eliminate [...]

Antiscatter Grids and Moire Elimination2018-10-30T12:53:28+00:00
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