Do You Need A Portable Radiography Solution?


In general, the purpose of radiography is to serve as diagnostic and treatment support. If a patient comes in with a medical issue or irregularity in testing, radiography will help capture images that may point to one direction or the other as opposed to the root issue. The same applies when it comes [...]

Do You Need A Portable Radiography Solution?2019-06-03T12:54:24+00:00

Portable X-Ray for Mobile Applications


In general, when someone needs medical imaging, they would go to a hospital, doctor, or medical imaging center in order to get the services they need. However, in some cases, emergencies cannot wait for these situations. Right now, portable x-ray is being utilized in a variety of different settings, including: Intensive care units [...]

Portable X-Ray for Mobile Applications2019-03-04T13:59:17+00:00
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