Upgrade to Digital Radiography (DR) Today


X-Ray was originally used in the late 19th century to document broken bones. As time passed, the application of x-ray technology extended to the painless, non-invasive disease diagnosis and monitoring of therapy we have so very well come to know. As you can imagine, the advancements in medicine and technologies over the past [...]

Upgrade to Digital Radiography (DR) Today2019-07-30T16:34:46+00:00

Several Reasons to Upgrade to Digital Radiography (DR)


The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016 has incentivized healthcare providers to transition away from analog x-ray systems to direct digital solutions. Pursuant to Section 502 of the Act, the Medicare system started reducing payments for medical exams performed on analog (film) systems in January 2017. Medicare payments were reduced by 20% for healthcare [...]

Several Reasons to Upgrade to Digital Radiography (DR)2019-04-11T18:50:59+00:00
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