Veterinarians and Digital Radiography in 2019


2019 is bringing a lot of new trends to the veterinary world. We are seeing a greater interest in smart technology from even the most reluctant pet owners, and diets that are emulating human options means that vets will need to be quick to adapt their recommendations. However, when it comes to veterinarians [...]

Veterinarians and Digital Radiography in 20192019-06-24T13:06:53+00:00

JPI Completes Veterinary Install in Florida


JPI Healthcare Solutions is excited to announce the successful implementation of another digital x-ray system in North America. This particular install puts JPI on the map at a veterinary clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Whether you're an x-ray dealer looking to fill an order or a veterinarian looking to upgrade your practice to [...]

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JPI Supports Veterinary Industry Events


Today, JPI is attending the Wild West Veterinary Conference at the Grand Sierra Resort in beautiful Reno, NV. There, JPI will join the veterinary's industry finest suppliers to spread awareness of our veterinary solutions. October 4th is also World Animal Day, which is said to be "a special opportunity for everyone who cares [...]

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DR and Veterinary Medicine


In digital radiography (DR), images are captured on an electronic detector screen, and then converted into a digital format, which is displayed on a computer monitor. DR commonly utilizes Flat Panel Detectors (FPD), which provide direct or indirect image capture within approximately 5-10 seconds, making it desirable in high-volume practices. FPDs employ a [...]

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Animal Medical Center Upgrades to Digital Radiography (DR) with JPI


Animal Medical Center Upgrades to Digital Radiography (DR) with JPI Dr. Przemyslaw Romiszewski, DVM, PhD recently turned to JPI Healthcare Solutions to upgrade his veterinary practice, Animal Medical Center in Holicong, PA, to include digital radiography. For years, Dr. Romiszewski has practiced emergency veterinary medicine, which has exposed him to a wide range of ailments and [...]

Animal Medical Center Upgrades to Digital Radiography (DR) with JPI2018-08-31T15:56:20+00:00
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