How is Radiography for Veterinarians Changing?


Radiography for veterinarians has evolved a great deal, but the basic purpose of it is still the same, to help diagnose patients as well as chart treatment, depending on the condition involved. However, even as the aim stays the same, there are other elements that are changing. Here are some of the key [...]

How is Radiography for Veterinarians Changing?2019-06-20T16:01:48+00:00

Veterinarians and Digital Radiography (DR)


Statistically speaking, if we take a look at what veterinarians were focusing on when they first went into vet school versus what they spend most of their days doing, there’s going to be a sizable divide. Taking care of animals is going to be a key part of the job, but your average [...]

Veterinarians and Digital Radiography (DR)2019-05-29T13:39:48+00:00
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