How to Get the Best Remote Support as a Veterinarian


Radiography is an essential tool in the veterinary world, helping to provide accurate diagnosis in the initial stages of treatment, as well as charting how effectively said treatment goes. However, all of this is contingent on having the best technology possible and functional at all times. When your machines have issues, it’s important [...]

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How is Radiography for Veterinarians Changing?


Radiography for veterinarians has evolved a great deal, but the basic purpose of it is still the same, to help diagnose patients as well as chart treatment, depending on the condition involved. However, even as the aim stays the same, there are other elements that are changing. Here are some of the key [...]

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Applications for Veterinary Fluoroscopy


The overall goal of radiography is for veterinarians is twofold: Using imaging to make diagnoses Tracking treatment for various issues However, there are still some limitations for even the most advanced versions of these procedures, which is where offshoot procedures like veterinary fluoroscopy come into play. This isn’t designed to supplant other radiography, [...]

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Veterinarians and Digital Radiography (DR)


Statistically speaking, if we take a look at what veterinarians were focusing on when they first went into vet school versus what they spend most of their days doing, there’s going to be a sizable divide. Taking care of animals is going to be a key part of the job, but your average [...]

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JPI Completes Veterinary Install in New Jersey


JPI Healthcare Solutions to pleased to announce the implementation of another digital radiography system in North America. This particular solution is intended for veterinary applications at a clinic located in Saddle Brook, NJ. Recently, there has been a ton of interest in our veterinary x-ray solutions. This has included space-saving systems, such as [...]

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More on Veterinary Fluoroscopy


Veterinary fluoroscopy enables real-time radiographic evaluation of animals. Essentially, fluoroscopy gives us the ability to see inside of the body while the organs are in motion. This technology utilizes low doses of continuous x-rays to produce many images, capturing motion in real-time—like an X-ray movie. Another aspect of veterinary fluoroscopy which is beneficial [...]

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Applying Equine Radiography to Improve Care


Radiography is a unique area compared to other forms of medicine in that it applies both to human and animal patients. Radiographers use the images they capture to both diagnose issues and roll out care regimens. However, when it comes to equine radiography, there are a set of unique challenges to deal with. [...]

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JPI’s WVC 2019 Wrap Up


Last week, JPI Healthcare Solutions attended the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC 2019) at Mandalay Bay Convention Center is Las Vegas, NV. JPI joined a reported 14,000 veterinary professionals, making quite a splash with the appearance of the newly-available JPI DynaVue 2-in-1 imaging solution, which provides both fluoroscopy and digital radiography capabilities in a [...]

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JPI Healthcare to Launch DynaVue System at WVC 2019 Booth 3313


JPI Healthcare, a global provider of diagnostic imaging solutions for medical and veterinary applications, is pleased to announce the North American launch of its DynaVue total imaging solution. The DynaVue system combines fluoroscopy and digital radiography in one space-saving unit, making a number of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic treatments available in your [...]

JPI Healthcare to Launch DynaVue System at WVC 2019 Booth 33132019-02-14T21:00:22+00:00
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